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We were approached by The Chartered College of Teaching, an organisation who provide lifelong support for newly qualified teachers. They are the professional body for the teaching profession and are working to celebrate, support and connect all teachers to provide world-class education ultimately benefiting both pupils and wider society.


We had to deliver an in-person pitch to win this business, and we won it because we were adamant we wanted to do something different! We had one rule: no talking heads looking off-camera!


What The Chartered College of Teaching were clear on was that they did not want a recruitment advert as they do not provide training for teachers. Instead, we chose to focus on the lifelong support element of their organisation. 


We were given access to two of their members who taught at the Aureus School in Oxfordshire. We spent two days shooting at the school with the teachers teaching real classes and highlighting how the skills teachers learn with The Chartered College of Teaching have practical applications.

We asked the teachers to wear very different clothes across the two days and to adopt slightly different mannerisms in order to subtly show growth in confidence, the confidence they found through the support of the College. We also captured their words in voice-overs, using portraits

The advert we wanted to create was highly cinematic and emotive.


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