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Deliveroo is one of the fastest-growing technology companies in the UK. One of their main objectives are to maintain and increase rider engagement. By keeping their riders up to date, informed and engaged consistently, the company would be more able to support its continued growth. 


The team at Deliveroo looking after rider engagement had previously used content that had been created by their internal communications team and their PR agencies. It became apparent that this content wasn’t best suited to their target audience as rider engagement with the videos being produced was low, and feedback gathered established that it often felt inauthentic and corporate.  


After being brought in to look at this problem, we went through a process that enabled us to identify and understand what had or hadn’t worked. This process of learning and integration was important so we could understand exactly what was needed and then provide a solution that met the needs of the business as well as its key stakeholders. 


We are asked to them create a piece of content to promote their educational programme, which gives riders an opportunity to try for a computer science degree paid for by Deliveroo. We traveled across three cities across the United Kingdom, using different crews, to interview three riders taking part in the programme. We shot the footage using handheld cameras to give it a loose feel and filmed a lot of footage of our interviewees to provide a strong sense of character. 


The content was distributed across an internal microsite designed specifically for the riders as well as specific social platforms. 


Our main methods of communication with the team at Deliveroo throughout the project were across the Slack platform. We chose this as a tool as it allowed all parties to see the project evolve and showed us clearly hitting key milestones. 


We are due to return to this project in September 2019 and we’re very much looking forward to seeing the progress that the riders have made as they graduate.


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