Why ? 

The relationship between video and audio is no secret, even in silent movies a soundtrack played a huge part and defined those artists creating them. Here’s an example of how we’ve been developing that relationship within the digital age.

While we should keep nurturing that relationship, audio has a lot to offer as a stand alone product within the digital space.  


People in the UK are consuming more digital audio than ever before, via digital radio, podcasts and music streaming platforms. “Digital audio now reaches a record high of 28.3 million adults a week which means that more than half of UK adults listen to digital audio each week. On average, each listener spends 12.9 hours per week listening to digital audio, adding up to a total of 365 million hours per week for the whole of the UK (+21% versus 2018)”  Source.

And on the larger platforms like Spotify over half of their 256 million monthly listeners don’t pay for ad free premium accounts, so there is a huge audience available to target with your campaign. Source

Audio Advertisement

An audio advertisement can be a great addition to run alongside your video campaign and with certain creative decisions around voice overs, they’ll require no additional filming to create! 



JAFA Radio Advert
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Digital Audio Platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, Pocket Casts and DAB Radio are really powerful tools. You can target audiences using metrics such as Age, Gender, Location but you can also target their interests using facebook data as well as by genre of music, artists fan bases of certain artists and even the time of day. 


This gives you the opportunity to create a more personalised advertisement just for your audience's ears. You can use the facebook data to retarget people who have already seen your video campaign. Here's an example of what we’ve done. 

Perspective Pictures - Audio Advertisment
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Podcasts are a hugely popular platform with over 30 million episodes as of April 2020. 

The majority of podcast listeners are doing so while engaging in activities outside of the home be it, travelling, working or doing exercise. The conversational nature of podcasts allows them to be the perfect background companion throughout the listeners day to life and is a great way for your audience to stay engaged and build a rapport with you and your brand. 

Kef - Deyan Sudjic - Podcast
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In the same way a logo and typeface is important to a brands identity, a sonic identity is another avenue to think about when providing your brand with familiarity. Whether it's paired with your logo animation or as a stand alone sound within an audio piece, it's another way to get your audience familiar with your brand.


Here’s an example of how a sonic identity can really enhance your company logo when partnered with an animation.