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Looking to grow your brand through building a channel and developing an engaged audience? Tired of PPC and funding Mark Zuckerberg's early retirement? Well, look no further…


Developing owned media properties and branded content is a great way to go if you’re looking to build your brand without a direct sales approach. YouTube is a great platform and one on which we have extensive experience, building our engaged audience or that of international and household brand names.


So, why owned media?


Many businesses with a YouTube channel foster greater brand credibility. Anyone and everyone can set up a channel on the platform, but only the truly good ones garner the most subscribers and the highest number of views. By showing viewers you are truly interested in building a channel that is worth watching, you are enhancing your brand’s credibility and providing value to your target audience over and above that of your competitors. Aside from credibility, building a channel allows you to build engagement and loyalty with a regular subscriber base. 


You know how easy it is to continue watching video after video by clicking on the recommended links that appear to the side of the video you’re currently watching? Without your channel, these recommended videos are likely going to be ones from your competitors. With your channel on YouTube, however, viewers will be provided a list of the videos you have published. 


You will find it is quite simple to get subscribers on YouTube when you’re an individual but for brands it can be a little more tricky… But, don’t worry as we’re here to help! 


Don’t let the early challenges of gaining those initial subscribers put you off as viewers who watch at least 30 seconds of one of your videos are 23 times more likely to subscribe or visit your brand’s channel. All it takes is one video to capture the attention of viewers and there’s a very high chance they will hit that subscribe button. As a YouTube certified business we’ve got the backing to give you the confidence to let us take charge of that strategy and work with you to ensure your brands objectives are met.

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