Case Study

Cheese Geek

Cheese Geek is a food subscription service. Their USP? Bringing epic artisanal cheese directly to your door.

With our previous work in the food delivery industry, such as All-Plants and Deliveroo, it was safe to say that we knew what we were doing when Cheese Geek approached us to make their series of new social ads.

We shot the video entirely in our in-house studio using our team of talented filmmakers, this meant we were able to have the video shot in under 3 days, we brought in a Food Stylist to make give their cheese that oh-so-good visual flavour.

Shooting in-house also meant we were able to blend in an equally stunning and strong colour palette of reds and yellows. Why is this important?

1: There’s scientific evidence that proves that these colours evoke hunger and get our metabolisms going.

2: Cheese is yellow, lol.

3: They (along with other strong and vibrant colour palettes) grab attention and give the ad the opportunity to glue more eyes on Cheese Geek.

The result? An attention-grabbing, effective and high converting ad that makes their cheese look as good as their service. Delicious!

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