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RedBull Astapalia

RedBull Astapalia - June 25, 2024How do you get the best parkour athletes in the world to play musical chairs? It’s not a joke, it was a serious question at the time of recording.

As part of Red Bull’s annual Art of Motion parkour competition, Red Bull briefed us to create a video following the competitors undertaking a series of challenges. We thought, why not stick to the classics to let the freerunning shine?

Shot almost entirely on GoPros in only a few short hours, the end result doesn’t take itself too seriously, bringing the athletes personalities into focus.

Optimised for YouTube, with a hook to grab viewers and a fast moving narrative that keeps engagement up, we really had to curate the hours of GoPro footage captured, so we brought our Deputy Head of Post Production, Charlie along to get started at the earliest point possible.

We’re pretty sure it’s the first sunlight Charlie’s seen in a few years.

Also, making good videos is made much easier when it’s on a stunning Greek island.

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