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One extreme sport. Three new materials. What could go wrong?

We flew out to sunny Lisbon to film professional Red Bull skateboarder Madars Apse shred some funky new boards.

Following in the footsteps of Mundo Gustavo, Skate Tales, and Red Bull’s authentic and feel-good Youtube content, we framed the video as a lighthearted, creative exploration of innovation in extreme sports, with themes surrounding social and environmental sustainability. We chose 3 materials for our athlete, formatted at follows:

  1. A plausible eco alternative to the classic material: cork.
  2. A new, innovative material inspired by the cultural landscape of the shooting location: ceramic.
  3. One to cause a stir on the internet, giving the video viral potential: old cell phones.

Before shooting, we laid out a thorough beat sheet outlining the flow of the video, as well as a trick list, moodboard, and a list of questions for the board builders… Everything we would need and more to make things roll smoothly on the days of production and beyond!

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