Case Study

Tristan Capital

After a second successful episode of Tristan Capitals “In Conversation” series, they immediately asked for a third!

What is “in conversation” you (hopefully) ask?

During the first lockdown, Tristan Capital wanted to go beyond the status quo of updating their clients with an email and a PDF. In a regular world, they would host events where their clients would ask questions, and Tristan Capital would dive into detail about their forecasts and results, all face-to-face. 

But we’re not in a regular world anymore, are we?

We produced Tristan Capital a new series of branded video content, ‘In Conversation’, merging corporate transparency with creative storytelling, engaging their clients and effectively communicating their strong financial standing.

Now a year on, the results and positive feedback have proven so effective that they have kept coming back to us every quarter (touch wood) to make the next episode.

In this third instalment, we shot a conversation between Tristan Capital and Ryan Prince, the founder of Uncle and Vice-Chairman of Real Star Group.

Because we only required one set, we pulled out all of our toys, literally. Every prop we could find, our team gathered, to create a stunning viewing experience that had tons of personality, and with our cinema-grade RED 6K Camera’s, you can see every one of them in crystal clear detail.

With the majority of the filming completed in a day, we then added to the episode by mixing in cutaways that would offer a more in-depth explanation of the topics at hand, this gave the episode greater variety, not only content-wise but also visually. 

Using the green screen to mimic weather shows, these reports kept viewers engaged and showed the brands a more lighthearted and personalised attitude to corporate communication.

To wrap this up, or if you’re just skimming this text, to summarise, we made those corporate communication emails a little bit more exciting, engaging and informative, isn’t that what social media’s all about?

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