daily VLOGS

You want attention, crave engagement and a platform that gives your colleagues a voice but don't know where to turn? Lucky for you...


Adopting a vlog is a great way to build the awareness in your audience, this is both with regards to the products and the services your business offers. 


Having established a successful VLOG of our own, we have detailed understanding of what goes on behind the scenes to create a successful VLOG and our team are eager to help you establish your own. With all this talk about VLOGS, I suppose the key question is why bother?


It’s probably worth noting now that vlogging isn’t just for the young and it’s not just for the old but hey, it’s sure not for the faint of heart! VLOGs are a fantastic opportunity to give insights into your company, your team and the culture you’ve created - Be brave, be daring and your audience will love it.


While there are different ways to use vlogs for the benefit of your business, all vlogs need to be educational, interesting, entertaining and high quality to watch but don’t worry we can help with that one...


One of the main advantages of vlogging as we touched on is their ability to build awareness in your brand, your team and mission. Through a vlog you're easily able to provide a regular touch point for your audience, one they can engage with, one they can build a relationship with and one they can in a way co create with you. Vlogs allow you to promote your products in an indirect way that doesn’t feel too salesy, you can feature your customers and clients giving informal testimonials and workshops with your team to give your audience an understanding of what your team actually does behind the scenes - Trust us, people want to know! 


Your vlog allows your team to build their confidence and show off their expertise, new innovative ideas as well as partnerships and events.


Like the sound of that? Well, let’s talk… Don’t know what we’re on about then take a look at our (Almost) Daily Vlog… (Link to VLOG playlist on YouTube).

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