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Luno offers a service that makes it easy and secure to buy, store and learn about cryptocurrencies in the United Kingdom. We worked closely with their global content team, spread across London and South Africa,  who had two objectives…


Firstly,  to generate new service subscribers by creating engaging content and secondly, to effectively position their brand as a thought leader by providing educational resources. 


With these objectives in mind, we were commissioned to create several product promotion videos and a series of information-led videos for their Learning Portal. The educational videos covered topics related to cryptocurrency issues and concepts. This strand of content had been previously explored by the Luno team, but they had found they weren’t able to create the right content within appropriate timescales. 


This is where we came in.


After Luno mapped a few scripts that they wanted to be included as part of their second series of educational content, we edited these for a more dynamic approach, simplifying the language and making it more accessible to the general consumer. Ideating visual anecdotes, identifying the production requirements and how we could enhance the footage that was shot with motion graphics and making some of it meme-worthy!


Ultimately, we filmed a whole series of content in two days with a full cast and crew. We then went through an amendment process where we also included client sessions where the internal team at Luno were able to see their project come to life in real time.


Dollar dollar bills y’all...

Cash Crypto rules everything around me…

(At least, it will do!)


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