Health & Fitness


Hussle offers a unique kind of fitness experience, giving its users the ability to be able to book and attend gyms and classes all over the country. Use it for a day, or choose a monthly pass + membership for ongoing access and unlimited options.


We were tasked to create 50+ deliverables, ranging from paid media to top tips featuring a host of influencers in multiple gyms. We also created a collection of additional stills that allowed them to amp up their social feed. With a small and agile crew, we completed this shoot in just three days, and we delivered all edited content within three months. 


The goal of this content was to drive traffic to the website and generate app downloads + users. 


Ultimately, we successfully delivered the content which was rolled out on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram and saw good traction all round.


So, what are you waiting for? Get your Hussle on and give it a watch.


Eat, sleep, Hussle, repeat…