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With these recent features, anyone would think we’re the talk of the town and hey, they’re not wrong! Watch, read and find out why…

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Well... we do! As if Sky News and BBC weren't enough? Being listed on Forbes 30 under 30 certainly put a spring in Rupert's step. You can read a little bit more about that via the link below.

Rupert Rixon - Forbes Under 30 (2020)

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In 2020, Rupert was recognised for his achievements as the Managing Director of Perspective Pictures. From producing digital-first innovative online video content for global brands to documentary projects taking him 3,000 miles across the United States, it was great to see these achievements recognised. The 30 Under 30 List was personally vetted by a blue-ribbon panel of experts including Jo Morrell (Managing Editor, The Telegraph), Tijana Tamburic (Founder of Female Narratives), Nicola Keaney (Managing Editor, ITN Productions) and Jim Kite (Global Head of NextTECHnow & Startup Partnerships, Publicis Media).

In early 2020 we had a bit of a wild ride, we saw Rupert Rixon, Founder and MD,  in the strange setting of a traditional TV news studio. Rupert, TV? “I thought you guys were digital…” I hear you say. Well, we couldn’t turn down an opportunity to meet with presenters from the BBC's World News team to talk about the rise of YouTube, how he launched Perspective Pictures, where we've come from and where we are now as well as some of the challenges we see the industry facing over the next few years.

It seems the only way is up… In this feature Rupert Rixon, and Oli Spain, our Head of Production talk live on Sky News with Ian King about all things video and digital advertising, from client expectations, developing creative ideas, responding to briefs and 24-hour challenges.

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