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Animation is an extraordinarily versatile tool. It can be used to explain complex ideas, make boring concepts more fun and engaging to watch, and even replace live-action videos when filming isn’t possible.

Think big

You can tell a simple story with just two people in a room with a few props. But that might not accurately explain the scope of your offering. Animation on the other hand can represent everything you want to say. Animations are commonly used in explainer videos or to get across big data, facts and statistics in a fun way. You can’t show that with two people in a room. With animation, you can really think big and deliver big ideas.

Sound ideas

An essential element of successful animation is often ignored, but it makes a huge difference and that is sound design. At Perspective Pictures we excel at sound design for animated videos. Animation coupled with sound or music can really bring your message to life, which makes it a perfect fit for keynote presentations or brand identity pieces.

Of course, you can also create animation without sound or mute the sound when needed and it will be just as effective, it all depends on what creative outcome you want to achieve. This means you can deploy them at trade show booths or as muted autoplay videos on social media without losing any impact.

Why use animation for an explanation?

Maybe you’ve created something new. Maybe you’ve solved a complicated problem. Maybe you’ve seen surprising results in your business. In any case, you have to explain it so that people will believe you.

As a visual medium, video lets you use more than words to explain whatever it is you need your audience to understand. Not only is this more effective, but it’s also more likely to be consumed.

How to use animation for explainer videos

Simplify the message

You want your website visitors to know in 90 seconds or less what it is you do. There are a million ways for attention spans to get hijacked but using clever illustrations, we can quickly lift the fog so our hero can press forward.

 People don’t buy something they don’t understand—especially if they don’t understand its value. An animated explanation video is great at helping people see your value.

Nurture your audience

 Explainer videos aren’t typically great for awareness. But they are great for further educating someone who’s considering your product or service. After watching an animation audiences are more likely to feel an affinity with your brand, resulting in brand loyalty.

Convert them 

 They are great at increasing conversion when you’ve got someone in the consideration phase of the journey. Thus, explainer videos are often effective on product pages, landing pages, or email campaigns.

As a visual medium, video lets you use more than words to explain whatever it is you need your audience to understand. Not only is this more effective, but it’s also more likely to be consumed.

What exactly is animated video production?

Animation production and motion graphics refer to the designed and illustrative aspects of videos that are created and not physically filmed. Mostly, they are graphic design elements and illustrations, put in motion to tell a rich story and deliver complex information simply. From animated explainer videos to slick cartoon style videos, motion graphics and animation are a great way to speak to your audience. They are also often incorporated in live-action videos.

Who is it for?

Selling products, ideas, and almost anything. Animated graphic design and motion graphics creates unique and beautiful visuals that walk the viewer through abstract creative ideas, sophisticated products, complex processes, or spice up educational information. There are countless effective ways graphics and animation can be utilized.

When to use this video type?

Animation and motion design production is perfect for visualising information that is difficult to grasp, can be understood without sound, and can turn a simple idea into a beautiful video. Use them often, even if it’s just because you think they are cool.

Why animated?

Video is an incredibly powerful form of communication. For many businesses and brands, it now sits right at the heart of their digital strategies. It can help you create a strong corporate brand identity, share your messaging and also drive lead generation.

Animation in particular can really help you make a splash. Unlike live-action content, animated videos have far few limitations; so you can really let your imagination run wild with the creative aspects.

The advantages of using animation


The extent to which you can customise an animated video has only one limit – your imagination. This versatility makes it possible to create professional videos with any colours or themes, character concepts, brand qualities and a host of other customisations.

With animated video, we can easily pull in your brand assets like fonts, colour schemes, design standards and persona definitions to make the video genuinely unique.

Tell your story effectively

Animated video makes it easy to switch between different storytelling styles of varying complexities. As such, we can help you convey a simple message using a basic explainer video or switch to more complex storytelling like offering a complicated tutorial, all while using the same character animation videos.

Whatever story you want to tell, animated video has the flexibility to convey it exactly how you want to tell it.

Easy streamlined process

Other types of video like live-action require scouting for a location, fielding numerous casting calls, and flying in talent and crews to a centralised location. Creating an animated video does away with all this because the entire production process can be completed with a team working remotely.

Even voiceover talent is often recorded and sent online to ensure as little overheads as possible. Moreover, any changes to the video are easier to make compared to live-action videos.


In general, animation costs less to make than live-action videos. When making your animated video, there is no need to hire filming crews and videography equipment, pay for and travel to shooting locations or hire expensive actors.

Since we do everything in one place with mostly computer-based equipment, the cost of producing an animated video tends to be relatively low.

The Animation Process

Step 1: Creative Brief

The roadmap to a great animated message begins with sharp ideas and thoughtful collaboration. Our team will listen to your goals and work with you to set the creative direction for your explainer video.

Step 2: Script

Effective language and dynamic visuals go hand-in-hand to set the trail for a great animation. Scripting is the next step in mapping out the educational journey your explainer video will provide for viewers.

Step 3: Concept Art

There are endless possibilities for how we can make your video unique and eye-catching. From corporate vector styles to animated typography, to custom hand-drawn animation, we will work with you to fully customise the perfect look for your message.

 Step 4: Storyboards

We will present you with thoughtfully crafted storyboards that synthesize language, concept, and style into a detailed blueprint for an exciting animated journey.

Step 5: Animation

This is where the motion magic happens. All of our collaborative groundwork sets the stage for your story to be put into action. Characters come to life and audio is added to the experience.

Why work with us?

Animated videos that cut-through

Rise above the clutter with flagship animated video content that engages your target audience, inspires action and makes an impact.

Reach your target audience on social

Content creation is just the beginning at Perspective pictures, We maximise your animated video content’s reach throughout the buyer’s journey with social edits, optimisation techniques and paid promotion.

A stress-free process

With over 5 years of experience creating animated marketing videos for world-class brands, our process is simple, smooth and straightforward from day one. No worries.

How we add extra value 


Do you have a story or idea that is difficult to capture with live video? The visuals in a video are half the story! Don’t avoid an important idea because of a lack of visuals. We have in-house artists who can illustrate by hand any idea you can throw at them.


To adopt an idea, a product, service, or even your mission, one must understand exactly what it is you do. The power of a brief, clear, and enlightening explainer video can not be understated. A tightly scripted and well-produced animated explainer video will make the deal for you over and over again.


We make premium quality animation. This means our work goes through a signature process of content and creative discovery by amazing artists, animators, writers, and strategists to make sure that your investment sees the biggest return possible. This is your mission and we take it seriously.


We work to understand your brand and purpose so that our imaginations can take your story to the next level. Our goal is to create a look and feel that resonates with your brand and voice. You will find a level of sophistication and out of the box thinking that will allow you and your target audience to see your brand in a new light.


We are a cutting edge animation production company with a killer staff of designers and illustrators. It’s not easy to create worlds that aren’t there, but our artists are constantly pushing the boundaries of what can be accomplished.


Our approach allows you to be involved and informed during what can be a very complicated process. From concept, mood boards, scripting, storyboards, to the final draft, we make it easy for you to know exactly where your project stands.

Want to make ‘out of this world’ animated content? Join us!

As a digitally lead video production company, we bring our collective creative experience to every project big or small.  Our focused highly-responsive production process ensures your content is made to the highest quality.  We are super fast and will turn around projects with surprisingly short schedules.

Our unique combination of creative experience focused production, and speed will ensure your content is engaging your audience while the conversation is still happening.

Were a digital-first agency

As a digital-first agency, we create videos for all online platforms, from Instagram Ads to TikTok feeds, we help you build your audience and generate positive ROI.

Our in-house team can help you deliver your message through a range of immersive digital content solutions, including branded content, promotional videos, and 3D animation. From branded content such as documentaries and E-learning classes to promotional and crowdfunding videos, using a mix of animation and live-action.

Yes, using videos on your social feeds spark more engagement and awareness on online platforms, but utilising our creative department and in-house, cinema-grade equipment, we make your content cut through the noise, reach your goals and put your brand centre stage.

Out of the box mentality

A good production team knows that idea development is central to creating something extraordinary. We’re not afraid to think out of the box and love to develop innovative solutions for your business.

Our team will never compromise the story or your brand image, but we will offer you dynamic solutions and make sure you stand out from the crowd.

Book in a call with our friendly creatives…

Are you ready to create a digital experience that fuels your audience and increases brand visibility? Book in a call with us today, and speak to our friendly team. 

In today’s competitive, consumer-driven market, digital-first is the only way to secure the future of your company. We go further by creating unique, visually stimulating videos that just make sense. 

Get in touch today; we can’t wait to hear about your brand and future goals.

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