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Dream in colour!

Colour grading is the creative process of balancing and correcting your video, it’s the part of the post-production process where you create a stylised ‘look’ and form your film’s visual identity.

Convey the mood

Once an edit is ‘locked’ and signed off, the final step in the post-production process is to colour grade your film. Grading colour can sometimes be overlooked, yet it’s often the difference between a good video and a great video.

Through colour grading you can convey the mood and message of your video by selecting the colours to use, how much warmth to add, or how much contrast to put into the image. You can add shadows and shape to a scene to help guide the viewer’s eyes to the area of the frame you want them to focus on.

You can use a colour palette that best reflects your brand and your brand colours. You can also change the colour of the background or objects to match this exactly.

You can add film grain, light flares, sharpness and a whole range of other effects to your image to give it those finishing touches to the final cut.

And finally, a colour grade is an easy way of elevating the production quality of your film.

We have a fully equipped editing suite that allows us to grade on industry-standard colour calibrated monitors using DaVinci Resolve. This, together with our cinema-quality cameras allows us to create bold, beautiful and high-end looking videos.

What is colour grading and how can it be used?

Colour grading is the process of manipulating video footage, specifically the colour information, during post-production to enhance it. This can be achieved through either basic colour correction, to give consistency to shots, more elaborate colour grading, to give the film a specific ‘look’ or, a mixture of both.

If budgets don’t allow for a full-colour grade then a ‘baked in’ look can be used ‘in-camera’. This means that the image that is seen in the viewfinder at the time of recording is exactly the image that you’ll see when the footage is uploaded to a computer.

When this is the case, basic colour adjustments can be applied during post-production to make sure the shots look as consistent as they can. This can be through tweaks to exposure, contrast, colour and white balance. 

However, as this look is ‘baked in’ at the time of recording, it heavily compresses the colour information, meaning that there’s very little leverage in adjusting the colours to achieve a specific ‘look’ that you may want for your film.

For this reason, it’s always best to shoot ‘flat’ with a log profile to maximise the recorded colour information. If you were to view footage that had been recorded flat it would look extremely low contrast and completely lifeless. However, this flat image allows for maximum manipulation during the grade.

Achieving that professional finish

A visually stunning video will help bring your story to life and make your brand message stand out from the crowd. We achieve this with professional colour grading during the post-production stage of the process. Simply using video files straight from the camera won’t cut it.

Professional colour grading can truly enhance the beauty of your production. But first, we have to colour correct your video. During the correction, we match up the lighting of shots filmed at different times of the day or in different lighting scenarios.

This stage of post-production services is vital when it comes to creating artistic colour tones that will enhance the mood of your video. Achieving the right colour contrast can take your video from good to breathtaking. Whether it’s highlighting grungy cityscapes or enhancing the natural beauty of the countryside, contrast is key. With the right colour tone, you can influence the emotional response of your audience.

Getting the colouring right is crucial when it comes to achieving a quality finish. A correctly colour graded video is striking in appearance and it’s one of the main elements that separates the amateurs from the pros. At Perspective Pictures we’ll make sure your production has a stylised and professional look.

Our colour correction experts meticulously transform mundane footage into cinematic imagery. However, you need a professional camera and the right skill set to capture footage that can be properly colour graded. Our team has the skills and equipment to enhance and perfectly adjust video signals. We create broadcast-standard visuals for all our productions.

Types of video colour grading services

Colour correction services

A lot of times we are asked to enhance the shot and make it look moody. Example shots of prison or an accident scene need to look scary. We can bring out that mood using colour correction and grading. We can make the series scene look cold, add shadows as well as depth to a plot using colours. We can crush blacks to make it look exciting or lighten up night shots.

Documentary colour correction

Often when we have an opposing candidate or antagonist we can use our colour creativity to make them look scarier or colder. On the other hand, to portray a person with a motivated life journey, we can just let the colours blossom. Further, we can assure the skin tone is smooth and healthy, grains are worked upon. Thus, colours can add a nice and happy look to a success story. In other words, our grading can create a mood.

Corporate and commercial video colour correction

We make the colours look as the client wants them to look. Whether one desires to have the colours boosted or make them pop. Colour correction adds excitement, energy, and emotions as required in the scene. Our high quality and experienced colourists do the best job to shift your focus from thinking about colour grading to undivided attention towards the story. Enhance the emotion of your corporate or explainer videos using the best correction services.

Our post-production process

Film-making and video post-production generally refers to the final stage of production. It occurs after all the shooting and recording of each program segment has been completed and includes tasks such as editing, dubbing, visual effects, colour grading and correction, animation, music, sound and voice-overs. This phase in creating any type of film or video, such as a TVC, product, corporate, brand, event or music video, often takes longer than the actual shooting.

Video editing

This is where all the creative decisions are made on factors such as which shots to use and which to cut, colour processing, credits, sound design and soundtrack. Using the same footage, videos can be edited in a multitude of ways, producing entirely different results. For that reason, our experienced, highly skilled and talented editors are among the best in the industry.

Colour grading

This is basically enhancing an image, video or film to optimise it for display in different environments and on different devices. It includes factors such as saturation, contrast, black level etc.

Colour correction

Filming in different locations with different lighting conditions using multiple cameras can result in variations in colour depth. Colour correction addresses this issue and helps maintain continuity.

Visual effects

This includes things such as CGI (computer-generated images), models and green-screen composting. Visual effects are different to special effects, which are implemented during the production stage.

Other processes that could occur in the post-production stage include motion graphics, digital illustration and sound design. We see this stage as the opportunity to enhance and fine-tune the final production.

Ready to show your true colours? Let’s crack on!

Colour grading is kind of like the icing on the cake, it can both be used to create style and mood. It is an important 

part of the post-production process. And yes, colour grading is also a matter of taste.

That’s why we always carry out a test grading upfront to determine the look and feel together with our clients. This approved look and feel will then be the blueprint for all episodes.

Were a digital-first agency

Professionally animated videos are basically the air we breathe. 

As a digital-first agency, we create videos for all online platforms, from Instagram Ads to TikTok feeds, we help you build your audience and generate positive ROI.

Our in-house team can help you deliver your message through a range of immersive digital content solutions, including branded content, promotional videos, and 3D animation. From branded content such as documentaries and E-learning classes to promotional and crowdfunding videos, using a mix of animation and live-action.

Yes, using videos on your social feeds spark more engagement and awareness on online platforms, but utilising our creative department and in-house, cinema-grade equipment, we make your content cut through the noise, reach your goals and put your brand centre stage.

Our culture

We started our video production business in a garden shed. Our main driving factor was simple; we wanted to create video content that ignites and informs an audience. Since those early days, our team of two has become 20 talented people from all walks of life. 

Our success is driven by our people. Each individual is driven by the same desire to find and tell great stories for our clients. We believe in the power of diversity to inspire creativity and have created an atmosphere of creative freedom and a pursuit of excellence in everything we do.

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