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Music videos are an opportunity to add some visual elements to your songs and create an immersive experience for your audience. Since MTV began airing music videos in the 1980s, artists everywhere have competed with each other to create the best videos.

There are awards on offer, but the most significant benefit of music video production is connecting with your audience and letting them see each song’s story. The disadvantage? They cost money.

That’s where we come in.

Our music video production services are designed to give you high-quality music videos that don’t break the bank and reach the goals you set in place. It’s no secret that music videos are an investment, but with Perspective Pictures on your side, we guarantee it’s a wise one to make.

We’re specialists in creating music videos that tell a story and place you in the spotlight. Many artists compete for a loyal audience of fans, so why settle for substandard production services?

From concept creation to managing the entire production process, we’ve got you covered.

Creative music video production services

The best music videos have one thing in common; they generate emotion. Look at Madonna’s Like A Prayer video, and you’ll see what we mean. It was bold for its time, controversial and got people talking.

Or how about A-Ha and the animated video for Take On Me? Another example of video production at its best.

Even with our new technology, artists can still make a considerable impact and push the boundaries of music production to create visual content that brings your ideas to life and keeps you in the minds of your audience.

Whether it’s handling all elements of the production process or working with you to ensure the editing process offers the result you want to see, our team of forward-thinking producers and creatives go out of their way to give you the best possible experience.

Why music video production?

Ignite your audience

Consumers respond to their emotions, and music videos ensure you can capture their attention by telling them a story. If your content cuts through the noise and gives them something to think about, they’ll remember you more than other artists.

Grow your following

Anyone can create music videos, but you can grow your following and connect with a broader audience when you do it right. Artistic expression is a huge part of being a successful music star, and when you generate an initial reaction, those people will always come back to listen to you.

Build a partnership

You have the words and the talent; we have the production skills and creativity. When these things come together, they result in a better experience for your listeners and ensure you can build better relationships with your audience.

Our digital-first mentality aligns with modern video production in every way. We always go out of our way to give you the support, creativity and partnership you need to stake your place in the highly competitive music industry.

Types of music videos

You can do many things with music videos, and with our team on your side, anything is possible.

With a team of storyboarders, scriptwriters, creative directors, designers, animators and editors on your side, you can let your lyrics do the talking and your video do the walking.

Music video production

Give your lyrics new meaning with visual stimulation and creative storytelling. Many artists choose conceptual videos to add dimension to the song, but some prefer to record a performance too.

Whatever you want, we can help you. Our in-house editing suite gives you everything you need to make a lasting impression on your audience.

Live music videos

Live performances can be epic, and with live streaming constantly on the rise, you can give your audience the ultimate experience and let them tune in to your video. Trust us; your fans will appreciate it.

Event recap

Event recaps can also be powerful because it lets fans relive the moment they saw you on a live stage. Or, you can use our production services to create travel videos showing you on tour and giving people a behind-the-scenes look at your work.

Concept creation from an innovative video production company

The concept of your video sets the tone for your audience, and it’s an essential part of the production process. The main goal shouldn’t just be to engage your audience but also to retain their loyalty.

Ultimately, you want these people to remember you long after the video finishes, which requires great creativity and strategic thinking. Every video is a marketing opportunity, and our digital-first approach ensures that you can set goals, track them and meet them.

Live event video production requires more planning and a strategic approach, but we can help you, so every moment we capture is a memorable event for your audience.

How much do music videos cost?

When defining how much investment your music video will require, there are several factors we take into consideration, including:

● The purpose of your video

● How long it should be

● Whether there’s a single or multiple filming location

● If you have a script in place or need support

● Whether you’re shooting a live-action music video or using motion graphics

Once we know the answers to these questions, we’ll be able to provide a quote than incorporates all of our services. We don’t offer outright pricing because we’re a video production company based on helping artists reach their individual goals.

However, we guarantee that our pricing reflects our commitment to providing a cost-effective service and our expertise as a production company.

Cut through the noise and stay with your audience

Did you know that music videos are the most-watched content on YouTube? Even though they’ve been around for over 40 years, these videos still reign supreme because they tell a story and bring the emotional elements of a song to life.

However, the market is highly competitive, and every artist must go above and beyond to make an impression that counts.

That’s where our music video company comes in.

In the past, music videos would be more about letting an audience see the artist, but now they have to tell a story with a distinct beginning, middle and end.

When producers and music artists collaborate, the result is a high-quality music video that speaks to your audience and keeps you in their minds.

Our music video production process


Every music video is like a mini-movie, and the story must be there. If you go into the production process without a clear story in mind, the final result won’t achieve the desired conversions.

We can help you decide on what you want your music video to achieve. Are you telling a story about a relationship break-up? Or is this a video that demonstrates feminine power? Will the visuals take the viewer on that journey?

Our visual specialists know how to take every element of your music video and align it with your lyrics. More importantly, we understand how to give your video the originality it needs to make a lasting impression on your audience.

Our vision makes us stand out from other music video production companies. We know that you probably have some general ideas about what you want your video to achieve, and our creative team can give your story a new dimension.


A music video producer might seem like they have an easier job than a film director, but the fact is, telling an entire story in three or four minutes isn’t always easy. Let’s not forget that a director must also oversee the production and ensure all cast members perform to the best of their abilities.

It’s the creative vision of the director that brings the entire music video together, and we can take the load off of your shoulders while aligning the final cut to your specified goals.


The editing process is where we finetune all visual elements of your video and add the effects that make it stand out. Our editors use specialist software, including Final Cut Pro, After Effects and Adobe Premiere Pro, to add the transitions, motion graphics and anything else your video needs.

Our editors and directors work together and cup each clip into a sequence that conveys the right mood and tells a story. We also encourage you to join us in the editing suite so that you can put your mark on the final cut, but this is entirely up to you.

Why choose us over other music video production companies?

We’re not your typical old-school filmmakers. We didn’t go to top universities and don’t go in for all that ‘magic’ stuff. So, what makes us unique?

As a team, we started our journey in a garden shed, editing videos we made on our travels. Once we gained a following, we soon realised that people are sick of the Hollywood glitz and glamour production companies and want to work with an agency that understands that an audience wants more now than ever.

Were a digital-first agency

We create music videos for all online platforms because that’s where your audience is. Sure, some people still switch on MTV, but most will discover your content online, and that’s exactly where we’ll put you.

As a forward-thinking, digital-first video production company, we try to disrupt the old-school mentality and break through any red tape to ensure your video speaks to an audience.

We’re out of the box

Original, ground-breaking and industry-disrupting ideas take a standard artist to an icon. Madonna, Cher, Justin Timberlake, and so many other recording artists are known for their image, and that requires the willingness to disrupt pre-conceptions and put themselves out there.

We can help you and know that great music videos must get people talking. Talent isn’t made, it’s born, and we’re proud that each member of our team brings something to the table – including their A-game.

With a passion for out-of-the-box music videos and a dedication to helping you achieve your conversions, our London-based team will help you create a music video that elevates your record company or personal profile as an artist.

Ready to work with us? 

It doesn’t matter whether you’re an internet music star hoping to make a big impression on your audience or an international recording artist that wants to create an award-winning film; we’ll go out of our way to bring your vision to life.

Our team creates videos for many genres, including pop, hip hop, hard rock, blues and indie, so you can rest assured that we’ll help you find the right video for your needs.

Please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team if you’d like to discuss our music video production services. We’d love to hear about your song and goals.

Not sure if we’re the right video pathway? Shoot us an email and we’ll discuss it together. 

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