Promotional Video Production

Your brand, amplified

Direct advertising is long gone, and consumers expect more from you now than ever. High-quality products are great, as is excellent customer service. However, they will go elsewhere if you don’t show your audience who you are.

Promotional video production is about adding a human element to your company and turning it into a brand people want to buy from. Whether that’s your culture, social causes or telling your story, these videos can make a significant difference to your company’s future.

When we create promotional videos for you, we take your viewers on a journey behind the scenes straight to the heart of what makes you unique.

Send a message and make it stick

You might want to tell your audience about your commitment to the environment or display your contributions to charities that provide food for individuals living in poverty. Maybe you want to show your viewers what happens during the day-to-day running of your business or give them a behind-the-scenes look at your product.

A compelling promotional video will get your message across and make it stick. As a team of expert producers, we understand how to help you connect with your audience and beat your competitors.

We work with brands across the globe, including small businesses, large enterprises and not-for-profit organisations, helping them find that elusive connection with a broader audience.

So, if you’re looking for a forward-thinking team that never fails to deliver and a surefire way to diversify your bottom line, you’re in the right place.

Video production that drives results

Adobe, Timeout, Buzzfeed, Natwest and Huel are some of the brands we’ve worked with. Why do they choose us? Because they know that the old-school video production teams don’t understand how to create immersive content for an active, informed and difficult-to-please audience.

Our video production company is about taking an idea and turning it into a piece of visual content that drives results through social media. If your content speaks to an audience, they will share it, which is how great brands are built.

Whether it’s a recruitment video, training content, explainer animations or anything else, we’ve got you covered.

How a promo video can help your business

We live in a digital-first society, and many of our daily lives are defined by technology. From smartphones to streaming services and businesses that use the internet as their headquarters, things are drastically different than 25 years ago.

Because of this, every audience is more informed now than ever, which means everything you create must serve a purpose. Nobody cares about fluffy promises anymore because it’s about what a brand can deliver.

When we work with you to create promo videos, we ensure that there are defined parameters in place so that you can measure the success of your video. This means you don’t just get to make a positive impact on your audience but also can justify the initial investment.

Here’s how a promotional video can turn your company into a famous brand.

Brand awareness

When an audience becomes invested in your message, that’s when you have the opportunity to turn them into loyal customers. These videos are ideal for nurturing relationships and reaching your objectives.

SEO boost

The search engines (especially Google) love videos and regularly showcase people that create digital content. If your video attracts the crawlers, people will find it.

Get social

Surprisingly, corporate video is one of the most shared video formats on social media. It’s a well-known fact that videos drive more engagement and shares, but they can also increase your website traffic by up to 75%.

Convert your audience

Videos give sceptical audience members a chance to see what your company is all about, which can result in more conversions.

Justify your spend with a strong ROI

As the saying goes, you’ve got to spend money to make money! It’s exactly the same with promotional videos.

How Perspective Pictures can help you with your video project

As a digital-first video production company, our success relies on justifying your investment in our services. We achieve this by looking at your goals and creating promotional videos that move you closer to those overall objectives.

When you work with us, our team will look at what makes you unique, but also be sure to stay in line with what you want. After the initial conversation, we can develop a concept that showcases your brand and sends the message you want your audience to receive.

Define your objectives

What are the key objectives you want to achieve? How will they contribute to your ROI? Our account managers will work with you to make sure they understand who you are and help you set goals so we can justify why our production services work.

Audience identification

Understanding your audience is also essential because the content will need to speak to them. So, you think you know who your audience is and where they are? We guarantee you’ll have missed some significant opportunities, but we’re here to help.

 Core messaging

The message you send will define the success of your video, and we know how to cut the fluff and get straight to the core of your message. Whether through animation, or a live-action video, our storyboarding process lets you see how the entire video will come together.


There are so many social media platforms, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter, but knowing where your content is best placed makes a massive difference to the success of your video.

As a digital-first agency, we can pinpoint the right social media platforms for your needs and ensure your audience sees your content.

Our promotional video production process

When we work with our promotional video clients, we split the entire production process into three stages: pre-production, production and post-production.


The pre-production process is where we learn about your target audience and business objectives to create a video strategy that will increase sales, generate more traffic, and achieve any other goals you set in place.

We have a studio, so we can shoot in-house or secure locations and will handle the entire process, including finding the right cast. However, we’re also happy to offer professional advice and let you take charge of the planning process if you feel more comfortable doing that.

Production stage

The production stage is the fun part (for us anyway) because it’s where we bring your story to life and ensure the video is the best it can be. You’re welcome to join us on set and can be as involved as you’d like.

Video post-production

Post-production is where we work together to ensure every element of your video aligns perfectly with the overall message. Our editing suite enables us to save you money by completing everything on site.

You’re more than welcome to join us and put your stamp on the video, but we’re also happy to take the lead in finalising your animations, performing colour grading work and adding audio and visual effects.

Why choose Perspective Pictures as your promotional video production company?

As one of the younger video production companies in the UK, we’ve had the opportunity to work with nationally recognised and global brands. Our success is because we go out of our way to ensure that our clients get the best possible video for their needs.

We’re able to work with any budget and always bring original ideas to the table. You can also justify your investment because everything we do contributes to one of your goals, ensuring your video content generates a significant ROI.

We’re digital-first, always

We know our stuff and have a deep understanding of all online platforms that can improve your ROI. Whether you want to create formal videos for LinkedIn or quirky and fun TikTok content, we can help you to make a connection with each potential customer.

When you achieve the perfect mix of creative content that speaks to your audience and professional promotional video production services that take your video to new levels, the results will always be positive.

Our culture

Perspective Pictures is the result of two friends who wanted to create awesome content during their travels. We started our ‘studio’ in a small garden shed and soon became a company of 20 talented creatives who all bring something to the table.

We’re not rooted in the old established ways of creating ‘magic’ and instead aim to find the perfect balance between content that stands out and gets your audience’s respect.

That old-school Disney mentality will always have its place, but your content has to achieve goals on a digital scale, and we’ll always go out of our way to deliver something special.

Always on point

Authenticity is so under-rated, but it’s the difference between you becoming a reputable brand or one of those companies that constantly compete for loyalty. When it comes to video production, promotional content will always require a fine balance between creativity and authenticity.

We can help you with that. Our team doesn’t beat around the bush, and we know your success will ultimately lie in how you connect with your customers and position yourself as a brand.

Why are promo videos effective marketing tools?

  • They’re easy to consume

  • They demand attention

  • People can digest them more than written content

  • You can use them to showcase your product/services

  • People love to share videos

  • Video content is easy to repurpose

  • People empathise with videos

Ready to create a promotional video that delivers?

If you want to create a digital experience that ignites your audience and gives your brand a chance to stand against the competition, please feel free to get in touch with our friendly team.

Today, it’s all about consumer-first content, so don’t get left behind. You could be on your way to creating an inspiring video in just a few minutes.

Not sure if we’re the right video pathway? Shoot us an email and we’ll discuss it together. 

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