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The business world is competitive, and many companies fail to survive in this ever-changing economic climate.

The quality of the product/service you offer and your relationship with customers are two essential factors that will inevitably define your success – but more companies now realise that the quality of their team makes the most significant difference.

A dedicated, talented team will work closely with you to develop your business and cement its reputation. However, finding the right team is no easy feat – and that’s where recruitment videos can help.

Recruitment videos are tools businesses use to attract the right talent.

A recruitment video showcases your brand’s personality and give people an in-depth look at what it’s like to work at your company.

When done right, these videos can increase your acquisition rates and help you grow your business.

At Perspective Pictures, we offer dynamic and impactive recruitment video production services that place your company directly in front of your industry’s top talent.

Why recruitment videos?

A job is no longer ‘just a job’. The digital revolution means people have more access to information than ever before, and younger generations are much more aware of the world around them.

With so many opportunities to connect with other people from all cultures and walks of life, professionals today care about the company they work for.

A recruitment video shows your company’s culture and what you stand for and gives prospective employees a look at what it would be like to work for you.

Video is one of the most effective ways to connect with an audience, and many brands know that video production is central to their marketing – and onboarding – strategies.

The facts on recruitment videos:

  • Employers reported a 23% increase in struggling to find talented employees in 2022 (XPert HR).

  • Job adverts with graphics or videos get 34% more applicants than those without (Career Builder).

  • Just one minute of video can be more effective than one million words.

Why are top businesses creating recruitment videos?

As Millennials are fast becoming the dominant workforce generation and more Gen Z individuals enter into professional careers, the traditional recruitment techniques have little appeal today.

These generations respond well to videos and images because they grew up in the era of mobile phones and the internet, which makes it harder for companies to stand out with text-based adverts.

Using recruitment videos means attracting younger jobseekers and placing yourself as a forward-thinking organisation instead of one stuck in the past.

There are many reasons to use recruitment videos. If you can build trust with potential employees and demonstrate your authenticity, you can look forward to ambitious and dedicated team members who will go the extra mile for your business.

The benefits of using video content for recruitment:

Create a clear impression of what employees can expect

There are so many job boards or recruitment agencies around, and if you want to cut through the noise and attract potential applicants, videos will help.

Display your company culture

Company culture is everything because nobody wants to work for an employer that respects them. Your workforce is your company’s life-blood, and showing how you value employees will increase your application rates.

Enhance brand awareness

As an employer, brand awareness is vital for both recruitment and retention. Recruitment video production can be a great tool to re-engage your current team and show potential customers that you’re a reputable company.

Work with a recruitment video production company that gets what you’re about

At Perspective Pictures, we love vintage – but some things belong in the past (we’re talking to you old videos). The boring monologues and cheesy music no longer have their place, and the key to succeeding with digital-first generations is being able to demonstrate your company’s personality.

Great recruitment videos don’t hold back and offer an honest look at what goes on behind closed doors. The main idea is to ensure you attract the right talent and people who will be a good fit for the company.

For example, a young creative company should show its fun and quirky side, while a law firm will want to keep it professional.

We all know that videos are taking over social media, and the recruitment world will soon be the same, but not all videos are made equal.

Here’s how we work with our clients to create immersive recruitment videos.

Define a theme

There’s so much you can do with recruitment videos, including using different themes. For example, live-action videos can be good if you’re doing a day-in-the-life video, while animated videos keep people engaged and can be fun to watch.

Our team of experts will help you to define the right theme and ensure you can create engaging visual content that enhances your story.

Tell a Story

Every video should have a clear theme in mind, which ensures the video will continue to engage viewers from start to finish. Some people like to show a day in the life of the average employee or showcase the development opportunities available for dedicated team members.

The story is everything, and we know how to create impactful videos that captivate viewers and make them press that apply now button.

Make it Conversational

Corporate language belongs in the boardroom, so don’t be afraid to get creative and speak to prospective employees on a more human level.

If you’re creating a live-action video, we’ll ensure it showcases your current team having fun and being productive rather than sitting at stuffy desks, making people more receptive to your company.

Including your mission statement is essential, but we prefer to keep the video natural and authentic rather than pushing the message into every frame.

Whether that’s breaking down the statement into different scenes that showcase it or having your employees discuss what the company’s mission means to them is more natural and compelling for viewers.

On point, always

Long, boring videos just don’t cut it – so we stick to the golden rule. If you can say it in a few words, don’t turn it into a sentence. The best recruitment videos never exceed three minutes because most potential candidates won’t interact with the footage for a long time.

The Call to Action

A critical component of a successful recruitment video is the call to action. Do you want people to visit your website and look for open positions? Or would you prefer them to click on a button and go straight through to the application form?

If you don’t have a strong CTA, you won’t be able to measure the success of your video because your viewers won’t know what to do after seeing the video. We’ll help you define your main goals and ensure the video enhances your chances of meeting them.

Why choose our recruitment video production services?

The difference between a good and a great recruitment video is what it achieves for you. Sure, people might watch a good video, but if they don’t take action, there’s no positive ROI and minimal opportunities to expand your workforce.

As a digital-first agency, we know that today’s videos must align with your far-reaching business development strategy. Older companies might still believe in the magic, but our team specialises in creating visual content that meets your objectives.

We give you flexibility

Our clients have as much – or as little – control as they want during the filming process. While some clients prefer us to take the lead from pre to post-production, others like to be more involved – and we’re happy with any working arrangement.

Whether you have a theme and story for your project or want to create visual content from the ground up, we’ll adapt ourselves to suit your needs.

We’re digital-first

The best thing about working with us is our extensive knowledge of social media. Platforms like LinkedIn are so competitive for growing businesses, but the right kind of video can make a massive difference to your brand.

All of our videos come with optimisation and are responsive to all devices. We also ensure your video will appear on social media, and the content can be easily repurposed.

100% Original

Candidates applying for roles will be more receptive to unique videos that ignite their curiosity. As a production company that’s worked with numerous clients, we know the importance of unique content and make sure your video will be one of a kind.

We love to think outside the box and consistently deliver something original and engaging.

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