We were approached by Time Out and Diageo to raise awareness of the World Class Cocktail Festival and Diageo’s range of priority reserves. The content we were commissioned to make was distributed and featured on Time Out’s channels.


One of the challenges we had to overcome, apart from a few sore heads, were restrictions around promoting alcohol products. The other element we had to address was how we would balance the brand presence of both Time Out and Diageo!


The videos we created were shot in five cities across Europe over an eight week period. Each of the shoots entailed filming three unique bars in each city. We chose to focus on capturing the interactions between our acting talent and the bartenders. This would highlight to the viewer the experience of a visit to the Cocktail Festival whilst also showcasing Diageo’s drinks labels. In this format, we were able to celebrate a variety of tastes, drinks, recipes and the personalities of those serving the drinks, which, as we all know, adds to the flavor of any experience. 


Due to the fast-approaching campaign launch, we had to provide a quick turnaround on the content. What we delivered to the client at the end of this project included five Facebook videos and additional Instagram content, including Stories.


Let us know if you’d like ice and a straw hat with that...

Did we hear free drinks?