How Are We Different To A Normal Video Agency?

We’re all in the same race, trying our best to produce top quality video content; we just run our race in a way that suits our video agency best.

London is a creative hub; whether you are a creative yourself, searching for creatives, or simply want to be creative! London is also filled with its fair share of overpriced elitist video agencies. And production companies that are packed with film school graduates who want to be the next Christopher Nolan. We’re not that kind of video agency.

Perspective Pictures is a company full of creativity. We understand content. We create content that people want to see – and we pride ourselves on that!

But how are we different from all the other agencies?

We understand content.

We create video content that is designed for the platforms they’ll be living on, and more importantly, the audiences brands want to reach.

At Perspective Pictures we’re a team of young filmmakers and creatives who were raised on YouTube, Instagram and Netflix. We’re a team who, on the whole, hardly remember life before social media.

We’re dedicated to making the absolute best video content for social and online!

We pay attention to the platforms

Each digital platform is inherently different from the next one, and brands need to pay attention to how they produce content for each of these platforms. We focus on building the right content for the chosen digital platform!

We fully recognise that every audience is different, and we cater to that with everything we make.

Does your audience prefer subtitles over audio? Great, we can design and implement video content specifically designed for that.

Is your video content intended for Instagram stories? Awesome – we will need to make sure the content is repurposed into the correct vertical viewing format.

It’s safe to say that not one size fits all in the world of digital advertising and more specifically, video content. We understand the need to be flexible with what we do and how we work; whether it’s quick turnarounds, multi-language video campaigns, one off brand videos or alternatively repurposing existing video content and User Generated Content (UGC)… Whatever you’re after, we’ve got your back!

We understand how important it is to work with our clients and help them with the wider aspects of content creation and distribution, to ensure what we create sits in line with their goals, delivers the best ROI, and really resonates with their target audience.

We understand that as a brand you need to be where your audience is. It’s that simple.

Our content strategy is flexible

Let’s face it, content creation is a careful balancing act – But don’t worry, we’re digital gymnasts.

Data? Creatives? They tend to be seen at opposite ends of the party, but at Perspective Pictures, we always work to ensure we have a strong framework in place, which ensures that each video we make has the maximum likelihood of being successful. This could be with regards to the best suited aspect ratio, the structure of the video content itself, but all in all, it’s about finding that balance between something that is well optimized and content that inspires action.

We’re constantly evolving

We’ve grown very naturally over time.

Starting as a team of two in a shed in Rupert’s parents’ garden, to having a young and dynamic team based in North London, the growth of Perspective Pictures has been epic. We pride ourselves on the dedication, creativity and collaboration of our team members, which ensures we consistently smash our clients’ expectations.

It doesn’t matter what the challenge is – if it’s an inspiring creative treatment, taking charge of a difficult shoot or just delivering content that hits the proverbial nail on the head, our team always delivers.

And our video agency is only getting better with time.

We at Perspective Pictures are always looking to work with exciting brands. If you want epic content, created by some of the best talents in the industry, then drop us a line at

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Angus Beagrie

Angus Beagrie

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Perspective Pictures is a digital-first video production company, based in East London.

We make videos for brands to post to the internet and see ourselves as a digital studio, producing everything from long-form content to digital ads, all created by our in-house team of digital natives.

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