The Animation Advantage: How Animated Video Production Propels Brands into the Spotlight

The Animation Advantage: How Animated Video Production Propels Brands into the Spotlight - May 28, 2024

As any content creation or digital marketing agency knows, producing relevant content and enhancing brand visibility is paramount for driving customer engagement online.

But when the market is as crowded as the tube at rush hour, how do you stand out while still meeting industry expectations?

You need a website and social media pages that wow the world. You can do this by creating an immersive experience with new technologies and techniques that transform tired videos into total showstoppers.

In short, you can do it with animation marketing.

Dynamic video content and a creative approach to visual communication are some of the most important tools any video production company can have in its arsenal, and we’re seeing more strategies like this being implemented online every day.

Animated cartoons, playful infographics, and motion-filled designs that dance across consumers’ screens impart a powerful sense of whimsy and innovation, often compelling them to share or engage with them at a higher rate.

Animated content creation is a service that every consumer-savvy video production agency should offer. Animation is the key to a more creative reputation, from brand differentiation to customer engagement.

Don’t believe us? Here’s why animation is becoming one of the bigger digital marketing trends.

What Makes Animation the Best Option?

When it comes to managing social media platforms and connecting with current and new audiences, you need to consider all avenues of what drives customer behaviour to impart an emotional connection.

Brand visibility is one thing, but without customer loyalty, people tend to struggle with forming strong, lasting relationships with brands.

However, with the right tools (and a bit of help from customer feedback), you can produce relevant content for your target audience, and animated video is fantastic for this!

But why?

  • Grabs viewer’s attention quickly: Animations are often designed to be bright, bold, and attention-grabbing, making them perfect for saturated social media platforms.
    Realistic digital content can get repetitive, but animation presents the opportunity to take brands in a totally new direction.
  • Applicable to most marketing campaigns: There are endless ways to incorporate animated storytelling into marketing campaigns. Whiteboard animations, stop-motion animations, digital infographics, and in-depth product explanations are all popular forms of animation with unique angles and styles, which affords content creators a lot of developmental and design flexibility.
  • Fun and entertaining: Global customer feedback tells us that people like animations. By weaving them into social media platforms, consumers can enjoy more levity with the content they consume while evolving brand loyalty with their favourite brands.
  • Simplify and gamify heady concepts: If customer experiences are important to you, animation is definitely worth considering. Content marketing can be tricky when the concepts behind it are too complex. But with animation, you can visually simplify these concepts, making it easier for both existing and potential customers to understand them.
  • Find your target audience with ease: Identifying your target audience is one thing. Connecting with them and forming a long term relationship is another. By involving animation in your marketing strategy, you can show target audience members they came to your brand (or client) for the right reason.
  • More control over stylistic brand identity: With animations, you can create personalised experiences, characters, and concise renditions of different brand identities. If your business or brand has very specific colour palettes or visions for your online presence, animation affords you total creative control over the narrative and how you communicate with your audience.

Innovative video production and content creation aren’t easy, but then again, great things never are.

Elevating customer loyalty through the power of animation can mean more leads, higher conversion rates, better audience reach, and the ability to hop onto new trends with ease.

When you find the right audience for your particular identity, attracting new customers on social media can become a key part of your content strategy. Ultimately, this allows your brand to develop a more effective strategy for finding more customers and expanding your reach across different platforms to create content that people resonate with on a deeper level.

New technologies and digital marketing trends are emerging every day, and animation could be the key to unlocking participation in global social media trends.

The Connective Power of Animation

Animation can convey complex messages simply and memorably, engage audiences emotionally, and enhance brand identity.

Instead of relying exclusively on realistic video content to communicate ideas or service offerings, animation has a much broader and more imaginative stance on audience connection.

By including animation in your digital marketing strategy, you can increase visibility and reach customers based on a broader language of shapes, colours, and ideas. This makes your content more engaging and multi-dimensional.

The exaggerated effects that animation allows for can allow brand loyalty to develop in a more natural way, amplifying your digital marketing potential and striking a more emotional connection with existing customers.

Case Studies: Perspective Pictures Animation Inspiration

Animation is one of the many services offered by the team at Perspective Pictures.

Our company’s culture and increasingly popular animation skills have resulted in some show-stopping campaigns for products and services of all kinds. We’re also first to adopt new technologies to create stories around products and services that customers will love.

We’ve worked with businesses and brands like NEST, CareCo, and Microsoft Azure, all of which traverse a broad spectrum of consumer demographics and industries. From NFT mobile apps to disability care content creation, we’ve done it all, and we’d do it all again.

Animation has a unique way of bringing information and stories to life, adding dimension and vitality to even the most corporate or straightforward of brands. It can also be used as a catalyst for boundless creativity, experimenting with brand expression and brand visibility in completely different ways.

Supplemented by other creative content strategies such as user generated content creation, utilising brand ambassadors, and attracting new customers with the help of key metrics and artificial intelligence, your brand can capture the imaginations of both new customers and existing customers through motion graphics.

Animation Techniques and Innovations

Animation technology has seen enormous growth over the past decade. Some of the animation services we offer include scriptwriting, sound effects, and state-of-the-art character design.

Using new technologies and techniques such as 2D animation production, motion graphics production, animated explainer motion production, and all types of brand story communication, we aim to reward customers with show-stopping visuals in every frame they consume.

Put together in one smooth digital marketing plan, these methods contribute to creating compelling and engaging videos. Combined with the power of customer data and some crucial key metrics, we can use our animation experience to bring your creative visions to life. You can then use the videos we created in everything from email campaigns to your website or social media pages.

Benefits for Brands

As we’ve established, there are many tangible benefits brands have experienced by incorporating animation into their video production strategy. Increased customer engagement, better retention rates, higher sales, increased market share and improved visibility are just a few examples.

Measuring these key metrics is essential for helping businesses embrace their ideal brand persona and creating marketing content that makes a difference.

Animated videos can also be used for improving brand differentiation and establishing your brand as a key player in the world’s most imaginative and forward-thinking competitive industries.

Knowing where your brand stands with regard to others in its field and setting yourself apart within it is crucial for succeeding as a modern business.

Employing animation as part of your digital marketing strategy can help you deliver your brand message to consumers in a more palatable and playful way. By using this type of engaging content, you’ll become known as an innovative brand that knows its value.

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Get the Animation Advantage for Your Business

Animation is about much more than just creative brand expression. It’s about making businesses’ landing pages more interesting, engaging users on social media, and giving boring content creation the boot. In short, animation is one of the best creative content strategies for every marketing effort and a great way to drive traffic, boost business, and provide a higher quality experience, both on a website and social media.

Expanding brand visibility is a key aspect of success in today’s online marketplace, but so is engaging with consumers in a way that feels genuine, digestible, and fun. That’s where Perspective Pictures enters the equation.

Our team of seasoned industry creatives and passionate video marketing experts has helped dozens of world-class businesses and brands harness the power of animation to achieve their marketing objectives, and yours could be next. We know how to harness the power of engagement through animation, breathe new life into your content marketing, and increase your brand visibility in ways that count. 

Ready to discover the benefits of innovative video production? Let us create content that gets you customers!

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