Case Study

Microsoft Azure

We produced an animated explainer video for Microsoft to showcase cloud migration using the Azure platform.

In pre-production we storyboarded the project to get full approvals before the animating began, streamlining the production process and guaranteeing our understanding of their vision.

Because the video was going to be such a crucial aspect for Microsofts sales managers, we created the animation assets ourselves to create beautiful, unique animations and provide the pitch with an out of this world feel.

After the sign offs, our team of animators spent two weeks in the edit bay, meaning production was kept efficient and deliverables were sent far sooner than the deadline.

A particular highlight is the sound design, adding to the immersion and cool factor of heading to space, our sound engineers had a blast!

The final video was posted on their YouTube and LinkedIn and has helped Microsofts sales managers showcase their service as the best in the cloud migration industry.

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