How To Know What Videos People Want To See

Perspective Pictures is a young, creative video production company. We are digital-first when it comes to videos.

We know social like the back of our hand, and we have created videos content that has been proven to help with the engagement of digital audiences.

We know how audiences want to consume content, which is why we structure our videos how we do. We are establishing our brand identity as an agency, so we create media that reflects us as a brand. That way, brands know that their advertising will be as good as it gets.

Know What People Want to See

From initial concepts, through to shoot days, and all the way to post-production, we understand our vision and work tirelessly towards the end goal.

Something our video production company tries to instill in our clients is that each digital platform is different, and each one has its own engagement statistics. This means that there is never one ‘correct’ way when it comes to both video production and content. So, consistently creating content that hits these varying platform is always a learning process, and it will continue to be.

But how do we know what people want to see?

Firstly, it’s really important to simply know content. As a team, we consume content every day – whether that be at work, or simply in our downtime. As we are such a young company, we are really in touch with digital content and activation.

So we understand how vital it is that our content is engaging. By making sure that narrative is present throughout our content, we can ensure that the viewer will resonate with the pieces we make. As Tom, our Head of Marketing and Post Production says: ‘It’s about knowing what works and implementing it based on the project at hand. It isn’t a one size fits all.’

How To Know What Videos People Want To See - April 12, 2024

But most importantly, it’s knowing what kind of audience will watch the content. This is what dictates our initial, middle, and final conversations around video. After all, it’s all about the audience.

That’s why we work so closely with our clients. After all, who will know their audience better than them? Whether our individual roles are directly involved with the clients or not, each person working on a project ensures that the clients’ vision is created to the highest quality, but in a way that also reflects us as an agency.

To keep our clients satisfied, we constantly and consistently do our market research. That way, when a project comes around, we can have a quick turnaround. We want our time on each project to be filled with creating incredible content, so we make sure we constantly know the latest trends.

‘You’re only as good as your last song.’ 

How To Know What Videos People Want To See - April 12, 2024

This is an ethos we constantly abide by, as there is always something to learn from each project we do. Each creative lead is different, every client is looking for something different, and so we constantly are trying out and using new approaches to talk about their brand.

One thing is for sure though – we absolutely love what we do, and take pride in everything we make. As Oli, our Head of Production so accurately says – ‘with a camera in my hands, I always find it hard not to be motivated to create something beautiful and to up my game.’ We try our best to create content people want to see. And we know you’ll want to see it.

We at Perspective Pictures are always looking to create the best videos with exciting brands. If you are interested in working with us, drop a line to and we will be in contact soon.

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Perspective Pictures Team

Perspective Pictures Team

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