Social Adverts

Socially acceptable

Social ads when produced and distributed correctly can drive real growth in your sales, and are a fantastic way to reach your target audience. Perhaps you’ve seen our very own tank advert on Instagram? These ads have been instrumental in growing Perspective Pictures and many of our customers.

We’re more than familiar with all the social platforms and their required formats, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Linkedin, and whatever else you might dream of.

Keeping your creative fresh (particularly if you’re putting a lot of spend into ads) is essential. With that in mind we’ve got the capability to bulk shoot content, so from just a few days of filming, we can output up to 300 deliverables.

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What We Offer

Your social media adverts can be anything that you want them to be, but some of our favourite formats include:
These are the creme de la creme, the piece de resistance of all your paid media content. A large scale ad that’s going to get people excited about your brand and product. Simple.
Show off your products in style with our social media-ready product videos. Short, sweet, and to the point, these spotlight your amazing products for all your viewers.
Nothing is more convincing than an effective testimonial video. We help you create case study and testimonial videos that turn potential customers into convinced buyers.
Depending on your business, tutorials and how-to videos may be an eye-catching addition to your target audience’s feed. We create authentic, easy-to-follow tutorial videos that engage your audience every time.
From explaining a product’s new feature or highlighting how your business is solving your customers’ problems, explainer videos help inform your audience on their social media feed.
Social media is all about being fun and genuine, so behind-the-scenes videos are a great addition to your marketing strategy. We help you find the right ways to come across as authentic in your social media ads.


In today’s digital age, videos dominate our feeds, and it’s no secret why. Social media video ads have become the cornerstone of engaging content that not only grabs attention but also drives purchase intent. As most users scroll through their social channels like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, it’s only the most engaging in feed video ad that makes them stop, watch, and often, take action.

From Facebook video ads that seamlessly integrate into your feed, to the video clips, perfect for Instagram stories, and even longer video content suitable for YouTube channels; every social media platform has its unique video format that resonates with its audience. These are not just regular videos but carefully crafted video ads designed with the right video length, video resolution, and video specs to ensure the highest impact on the viewer.


Bespoke Video Content

We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. Whether you’re eyeing the Facebook feed or thinking about YouTube content, we craft videos to fit perfectly within the preferred aspect ratio and video specs of each platform.

Platform Mastery

From recommended video formats for Instagram Stories to the max file size for a YouTube video, we stay updated with an up-to-date guide for each platform’s requirements.

Quality Over Everything

Every video, regardless of its duration, from a few minutes to a long-form video, is produced in the highest resolution video ensuring your brand identity shines through.

Engagement Focus

We don’t just create video ads; we produce engaging visual content that keeps your audience engaged, fostering strong connections and encouraging call to actions.

Diverse Range

Our portfolio ranges across all types of social media videos, from Instagram and TikTok videos to Facebook videos and more. We know how to adapt social media video marketing to different platforms and audiences.

Very Online

With a young and super-online team, we’re working at the cutting edge of social media ads. If you’re looking for traditional advertising methods, you’re better off elsewhere. We’re keeping up with the latest trends and techniques to create video content that actually resonates across socials.


We work across all the major social media platforms. From helping create stunning videos for your YouTube channel to making a Pinterest video that turns heads, we can adapt to whichever social media platforms your potential customers use.

While this depends on the exact specifications of the project, our dynamic team works closely with you to efficiently plan and execute your social media ads. We can also bulk shoot to produce content for multiple videos in one session, helping keep video production very speedy and costs low.

Absolutely! Our post-production team is proficient in tweaking videos to fit the recommended video formats and aspect ratios of different social media platforms.

Regular social media videos are often organic content that brands or individuals post on their platforms, like behind-the-scenes clips, product videos, user stories, or live video sessions. On the other hand, social media video ads are specifically designed promotional content with a clear call-to-action. These video ads, be it a Facebook video ad or Instagram videos, are crafted to grab attention, communicate a brand message, and prompt viewers to take a specific action.