Case Study


Koor is an app that enables choral singers to learn their music by engaging with interactive recordings of professional singers.

After receiving singing praise from its reviewers, government grants, technology innovation awards and releasing the Beta just in time for the first lockdown, the Koor team wanted to launch their app out of Beta.

To raise the money required, they chose to crowdfund through the Seedrs platform. With this decision made, they came to us for their pitch video.

Our in-house animation team had a blast, creating custom animation assets that stayed in line and even built upon the branding of the new technology startup.

The filmmaker team also had lots of fun setting up bold and engaging shots, such as their audio studio setup, reinforcing their mission and creating an engaging visual using the power of awesome framing.

They ended up generating over £120,000 investment, with the video generating songs of praise from our in-house cinematographers and Koors founders alike.

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