Case Study


Perspective Pictures was originally founded as a YouTube channel, so when Influencer, Co-Founded by Youtuber turned entrepreneur Casper Lee, approached us, we understood their industry and their brand story inside and out, so translating their service into an effective, engaging social ad and explainer video was easier DONE than said.

Mixing 2D animated and real footage we launched the pre-production process by storyboarding the video, meaning the production was silky smooth and saved Influencer money by having all animations approved before a penny was spent on making the video itself. This delivered an explainer video that clearly and effectively communicates their service, whilst remaining cost-effective.  

Instead of using the same old stock footage that every other video production company seems to use, we shot it all ourselves, making every shot unique and specific to their brand.

Influencer took up our offer of a client editing session, where we allow our clients to sit in private with one of our senior editors to make adjustments and perfect their video in real-time, whilst our editors handle the annoying bits.

The video is now on the landing page of their 300+ person company, making it the first thing their clients see and setting the first impression of their entire brand.

It’s safe to say they like the video we made.

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