Case Study Video Production

Make a point.

Video case studies are an influential tool in your marketing arsenal, allowing you to showcase your company’s successes in a very convincing and credible way.

A powerful way to connect

Case study video production is a tried and tested way of showing how your product or service will benefit potential customers. We know that you want to convey your message in an effective and engaging way, which is why we use our film production experience with case studies. 

Drawing on masterful storytelling techniques, Perspective Pictures will bring the most compelling reasons for customers to sign up for your product or service. The case study video production process does not have to be stressful. With the help of our team of professional producers, directors, editors and scriptwriters you can turn your company’s next great accomplishment into a powerful marketing tool that will captivate viewers for years to come.

A case study video is a powerful way to connect with your customers on an

emotional level. However, many businesses overlook this opportunity by simply stating facts or documenting the mere project details. Remember, while these details are important, you shouldn’t restric

t your case study to just that. Instead of getting lost in details, our expert videographers create interesting content around real-life situations and focus on the human aspects of projects.

No one wants to watch a video where everything goes smoothly. Case study films are more memorable and engaging if you share the challenges that came with your project, and how you overcame them. 

These aren’t shiny marketing videos – they need an authentic story in order for viewers to connect with what’s being said on screen. 

Build trust

Nothing confirms the genuine value of a product than other clients and customers. Case study videos of people confirming that you or your service got the job done are glowing endorsements that drive revenue skywards.

Having your customers speak about how much your product or service has impacted their lifestyle will always add power to marketing and lead generation campaigns. We work closely with you to develop the most effective story and proactively find suitable approaches to deliver your message.

Demonstrate what you do best

You’ve done a great job. You’ve wowed your customer. And now you want to capture that story with a professional and beautiful video case study that you can use to generate more leads. If you want to do it properly, you need to work with a case study video production company that will treat your customer like its own and deliver an end product that they will be proud of, and that you will be excited about sharing.

What are case study video production services?

You know that killer case study you have? The one that shines brighter than the brightest revenue projections? It has all the right stats. It overcomes all objections. It captures all your capabilities. Well, imagine if it could jump off the page and come to life. Well, that’s a video case study.

Who is it for?

Marketers who need the power of social proof. Buyers want to know that your thing actually works. But how can they trust that you’ll actually deliver? Answer: show them how you’ve done it before with a video case study.

What problems does it solve?


Everybody promises results. How does your audience know who’s legit and who’s not? Nothing speaks louder than, well, actual results. Show them a real-life example of what you’ve already done and watch the scepticism melt away.

Mid-funnel leakage

It’s common to have prospects stall or fall out of your funnel midway through. One of the best ways to keep people engaged is to show them a picture of the success on the other side of the challenge they’re facing.

Boring charts

In a case study, numbers, charts, and stats are often necessary elements. With Video engagement you can make the numbers and stats fun.

Creative ingredients 


Interviews are the backbone of any case study and the final cut will edit this footage in such a way as to form a narrative. Your interviewees are the mark of authenticity that makes case studies stand out from other forms of marketing, helping to substantiate your claims through independent testimonial that comes across as genuine and heartfelt. Whilst you can’t tell interviewers what to say, it’s important they back up your brand strategy and appeal to your audience in some way.

Support footage and cutaways

Support footage and cutaways add visual variety to your case study and are a very useful way of breaking up the interview. More importantly, they also help tell the story visually, often demonstrating evidence or examples of what the interviewee is talking about and bringing the story to life.


Case studies have to create a narrative that is both convincing and can also hold the viewer’s attention. Like all storytelling, this should be broken down into a beginning, middle and end. More often than not this involves setting out the challenge or problem at hand before going on to address how you dealt with it and what the results were. Case studies are designed to promote your brand but they should also give viewers useful and practical information about your product or service offering.

Locations for shooting case study video

The location is a critical design element and will help you set the tone of your case study video. The setting is often related to the nature of the interviewee’s business and what your product or service has helped them with.

The case for video

Hearing the value that others found in a product is a fundamental factor in establishing interest.

In telling your story, the customers will be highlighting your company’s values and demonstrating the fact that you stick by those values.  They will be embedded in the mind of the viewer because they are not just marketing jargon but demonstrable in your customer’s satisfaction.

 A good case study video will have multiple use case scenarios. They can be used on your website, in presentations, in sales meetings, to help attract new staff, sent as part of internal and external newsletters. Our case study videos are created bespoke to ensure we are communicating your marketing message and we use high production standards to ensure that the video has a long shelf life, making it a good long-term investment.

Build trust quickly

In an era that is overloaded with fake news, enabling audiences to trust what they’re watching, reading and who they’re working with is crucial. Producing authentic testimonial videos for your business will build trust and show customers how brilliant you truly are.

Trusted recommendations

Featuring customer testimonials within a marketing strategy is not a new tactic, it’s a tested and trusted formula effectively used by many brands today. 83% of us trust recommendations from our family and friends. Video testimonials and case studies work in a similar way, even if they are from somebody we’ve never met.    


Differentiate yourself from the competition with a unique message from your customers in a compelling testimonial video. Work with a case study video production team that can expertly inject your brand’s personality and create video content that resonates with your target audience.

Longevity and value

All content has a shelf life, TV adverts traditionally run for short periods of one to two months whereas, a product video will expire as soon as the product is updated. Case study videos have longevity and are a powerful marketing tool that can be used for years, so you also get great value for money.

Our case study video production tips

Keep it human

A case study video is about telling relatable stories from your customer’s perspective. Rather than going into detail about your company, your products or your services (all of this information is readily available on your website), focus on the human element of how you have helped your customer.

Be honest

Every project has its challenges, and it’s often tempting to gloss over these. However, case studies are more engaging and memorable if you keep them authentic: discuss the challenges you encountered – and show how you overcame them.

Go beyond your client

If you are producing a B2B video case study, think beyond how you have helped your client and look at how you have impacted their customers as well. This shows the wider benefits of working with your company and will quickly catch prospects’ attention.

Include stats

While it’s wonderful to have a customer singing your praises, your video will be vastly more powerful if you can support this qualitative endorsement with quantitative facts and figures. When it comes to case study video production, this information can be expertly woven into the narrative using animation and motion graphics.

Surprise viewers

A typical case study video will include an interview with the customer backed by supporting footage, cut-aways and a bit of music. But we encourage our clients to go beyond the expected and consider including animation, motion graphics, and a host of other surprising elements in their case study.

Make it convert

We are all about video metrics and adding calls to action to your marketing content. When it comes to case studies, which are typically best used in the “conversion” stage of your sales funnel, consider whether you can make it interactive – your case study is about persuading prospects who are considering your company, but it can also generate direct leads.

The advantages of case study videos

Third-party endorsement

Unlike so many other forms of marketing material, case studies allow you to present an endorsement of your product or service from a third party. Unlike written testimonials, video has the power to create a sense of genuine authenticity around the interviewee by placing them in front of a camera. Online reviews and customer endorsements are becoming an increasingly vital component of how people make purchasing decisions today.

Using case study video to put your product in context

A case study is a perfect opportunity to showcase your product or service in action, without all the gloss and sheen of a marketing video. By keeping the focus on the customer, case studies satisfy the golden rule of marketing, which is to talk about the product’s benefits and not its features.

Multiple uses and delivery channels

Case study videos have a variety of uses. You could create a series of them and host them on your website via an interactive player. As well as the ability to promote them through a number of social platforms like YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook, your case studies could be included in your email marketing campaign or converted into interactive PDFs. In the non-digital space, you could screen them at pitches or presentations, or incorporate quotes from them into your media packs or marketing materials.

Why Perspective Pictures?

We are an experienced case study video production company creating engaging video content to showcase brand expertise and build trust with target audiences. Reviews and reputation are incredibly important to all businesses, and a compelling testimonial video is an effective way to promote yours.

Great testimonial videos feature real customers telling the audience how great a brand is in an authentic and convincing way. They enable the viewer to connect with your message through voice, body language, emotion, and empathy. So, whilst audiences are being persuaded to purchase they are also connecting with your brand.

Whatever your product, service or brand story, our experienced team will produce your case study video with creativity, skill and a distinctively fresh approach. We can shoot on location or in our studio, film live-action and even incorporate bespoke animation just for you. 

Ready to get your point across? Let’s do it!

As a digitally lead production company, we bring our collective creative experience to every project big or small.  Our focused highly-responsive production process ensures your content is made to the highest quality.  We are super fast and will turn around projects with surprisingly short schedules.

Our unique combination of creative experience focused production, and speed will ensure your content is engaging your audience while the conversation is still happening.

Were a digital-first agency

As a digital-first agency, we create videos for all online platforms, from Instagram Ads to TikTok feeds, we help you build your audience and generate positive ROI.

Our in-house team can help you deliver your message through a range of immersive digital content solutions, including branded content, and 3D animation. From branded content such as documentaries and E-learning classes to promotional and crowdfunding videos, using a mix of animation and live-action.

Yes, using videos on your social feeds spark more engagement and awareness on online platforms, but utilising our creative department and in-house, cinema-grade equipment, we make your content cut through the noise, reach your goals and put your brand centre stage.

Out of the box mentality

A good production team knows that idea development is central to creating something extraordinary. We’re not afraid to think out of the box and love to develop innovative solutions for your business.

Our team will never compromise the story or your brand image, but we will offer you dynamic solutions and make sure you stand out from the crowd.

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