Video Production London


Traditional advertising is dead. Say goodbye to old-fashioned product adverts and cringeworthy brand videos. If you want your business to get noticed in the TikTok age, you need a digital-first, trend-savvy video production company on your side. We’re talking branded content, one-of-a-kind creative concepts, and batch-shooting social media videos to engage audiences and persuade customers. Sounds intimidating? That’s where we come in.


We’re a full-service video production company in London. Specialising in creating digital-first and social-media-optimised video content, our in-house team provides everything you need to turn your creative vision into a mind-blowing final product.

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When you choose our video production company, here’s what you can expect:

You might come to us with ideas in mind, or you might want to hand over the reins. Either way, our team works closely with you to establish a creative vision that you adore.
This is where our plans take shape. Our pre-production process involves meticulous planning, from location scouting to script writing. Our in-house team collaborates to turn your vision into a concrete plan, ensuring every aspect of production is aligned with your goals.

On set, our dynamic film crew springs into action. We capture high-quality footage across multiple locations, bringing your story to life. Our production team, equipped with the latest technology and a flair for creativity, ensures that every shot reflects the essence of your message.

Here’s where our post-production wizards weave their magic. Combining raw footage with visual effects, colour correction, and sound design, we edit videos to not just tell a story, but to create an immersive experience. Our attention to quality control during editing ensures your message shines through in every frame.
With your feedback, we fine-tune the final product. This stage is all about refinement and perfection. We’re dedicated to going the extra mile, ensuring that the final video not only meets but exceeds your expectations.
Social media is all about being fun and genuine, so behind-the-scenes videos are a great addition to your marketing strategy. We help you find the right ways to come across as authentic in your social media ads.


East London isn’t just the area where we randomly decided to base our studios; it’s the place that embodies our entire vibe. Here in the capital’s trendiest corner, where you’re as likely to stumble upon a vintage vinyl store as a cutting-edge tech startup, our quirky team fits right in.

East London is where the pulse of the city’s creative heart beats the strongest, and at Perspective Pictures, we channel this unique energy into every video we produce. We love creating stories that are as diverse and dynamic as East London itself. It doesn’t matter if you want to shoot on-location in some of the city’s coolest spots or prefer to keep it more low-key. For our video production company, London is our playground ready to provide a stunning backdrop for any film.

So, if you’re looking for one of the city’s top video production companies with a centrally located studio in an inspiring and exciting area, look no further.


Social Media Videos

In the bustling bazaar of social media, you need videos that are not just scrolls-stoppers but scroll-rewinders! We create social media videos that are the digital equivalent of a showstopper on the runway – glamorous, engaging, and oh-so-shareable. Whether it's for Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter/X, or all of the above, we've got the secret sauce to make your content the talk of the town.

Animated Videos

Then there's the animated content – our digital playground! Whether it's a throwback to Saturday morning cartoons or a leap into futuristic graphics, our animation studio is where your ideas get the Disney treatment (minus the singing animals, unless that's your thing!). Animations can be used for any of our other video formats, so let's get creative.

Promotional Videos

Ready to dazzle your audience? Let's turn your product promotions into a visual fiesta! We're all about the finer details, crafting promotional videos that not only show off your offerings but make viewers sit up, popcorn in hand, eager for more. Our creative producers and directors are on standby to ensure your video is less of a pitch and more of a ‘where have you been all my life’?

Crowdfunding Videos

IReady to kickstart your dream project? Let's make your crowdfunding video a blockbuster hit! We create crowdfunding videos that not only showcase your brilliant idea but also tug at the heartstrings and wallets of your potential backers. It's less of a pitch and more of a red carpet premiere for your project.

Branded Content

Now this is a winner. To us, branded content means incredible films that people want to watch, even if they've never heard of your brand. We're talking documentaries, interviews, and short films that cut through the noise and right to the heart of the things your audience cares about. Not just for big businesses with big budgets, branded videos are a way to add value to the world while also creating hype around your organisation.

Explainer Videos

Ever wanted to explain quantum physics to a five-year-old? Or make tax returns sound like a fairy tale? That's the kind of challenge we relish in our explainer videos! With your expertise and a sprinkle of our magic, complex ideas turn into engaging, easy-to-digest visual treats.

Corporate Videos

Gone are the days of snooze-worthy corporate videos. We're here to sprinkle some Perspective Pictures magic on your onboarding and training videos. No matter what type of corporate video production you're looking for, we'll collaborate with your top brass to create corporate videos that are less boardroom, more blockbuster.

YouTube Videos

If your brand isn't on YouTube, you're missing out on so many potential fans. Our video production company in London knows how to create online videos that grab your audience's attention and don't let go. Lights, camera, YouTube stardom!


Choose creativity, choose impact, choose Perspective Pictures for your video and post-production needs! Why? Because we’re not just experienced – we’re different.
Your story deserves to stand out. We weave each element of your vision into a compelling narrative that sets you apart. Think of us as the master chefs of video production, mixing the right ingredients to create your perfect visual feast.
New to video production? No worries! Our team guides you through every step, ensuring you’re as involved as you want to be. Your vision, our expertise – it’s a match made in video heaven.
Quality video production shouldn’t break the bank. We work magic within your budget, delivering high-impact videos for clients without the financial frights.
Decades of collective experience mean we’re not just doing what we love; we’re loving what we do, and it shows in every project.
Ordinary? Not in our vocabulary. We’re all about innovative, stand-out solutions that make your brand the talk of the town.
Our compact team packs a punch, delivering stunning results whether you’re targeting London or lighting up screens worldwide.
Deadlines looming? Need a creative brainstorm? We’re just a call away, ready to jump in and bring your project to life


Don’t sweat it – of course we can. For our video production company, London is the perfect well-connected location to operate a studio, but it might not be perfect for you. Even if you’re based outside of London (or outside of the UK!), just give us a call and we can chat about options to make our video production service work for you. Our team is all about flexibility and innovation in video production, so distance is merely a detail, not a barrier.
Filming in multiple locations is all in a day’s work for us. Our video production London team is experienced in managing logistics for shooting at various sites, whether they’re across the capital or spanning different countries. We handle everything from location scouting to coordinating with local film crews, ensuring a smooth and efficient production process. So don’t worry – multi-location filming is a breeze with our talented production team.
What sets us apart from other video content brands and agencies is our unique blend of youthful energy, creative vision, and technical expertise. Unlike other video production companies, we’re not just about churning out content; we’re about creating memorable video content that tells your story in the most engaging way possible. Our approach is tailored, collaborative, and always cutting-edge, ensuring we deliver not just videos, but impactful visual experiences. If you’re looking for a great team of digital-native creatives who do things a little differently, our video production services are perfect for you. Just take a look around our website to see what we can do.

Less than you’d think! While every project is unique, we pride ourselves on being an agency that offers top-quality video production services at competitive prices. Just chat to our team for a quote!

And yes, London is an expensive city, but that doesn’t mean your video content has to be expensive too. Keep in mind that hiring video production companies is almost always more cost-effective than trying to pull it off yourself. We’ve already got all the cutting-edge equipment and a super-efficient film crew, so we can offer video production at a fraction of the cost of trying to do it yourself. Plus, we can batch shoot video content, allowing you to get the most bang for your buck in a single afternoon of filming.