Educational Videos

Together we can make learning fun!
(ok I’ll stop)

Seriously though, why should educational videos always be a dull talking head of some bloke called Keith in a boring grey office? We like to take a different approach.

From detailed masterclasses to short-form content we do it all – sprinkling in a healthy dose of animation along the way to help turn complex concepts into more simple, digestible pieces of video content.

Remember your favourite teacher at school? That’s the sort of passion we aim to generate!

Not sure if we’re the right video pathway? Shoot us an email and we’ll discuss it together. 

What We Offer

You might be thinking, “Educational videos? Aren’t they all just someone talking into a camera while they explain something?” Well, we’re here to tell you that they can be so much more! At Perspective Pictures, we believe in shaking things up and making learning exciting. Sure, we might be sounding like your favourite teacher at school again, but there’s a reason they were your favourite! That’s why we offer a range of instructional videos that are anything but ordinary.
We’ve all been there. From getting a new product or trying to learn new software, we’ve all found our way to YouTube in search of a how-to video to help shine a bit of light on our new found confusion. This type of educational video provides clear, step-by-step instructions that typically last around 10 to 20 minutes, offering greater detail than other types of educational video content. Tutorial videos often face a tricky hurdle – the longer they are, the harder it tends to be to keep viewers engaged. That’s why we offer a range of different ways to create attention-grabbing tutorials, using animated videos, voiceovers, live-action demonstrations and recordings.
Our training videos aren’t your typical snooze-fest – they’re engaging, hands-on, and designed to make your audience a pro in no time. Whether you’re looking to help people master new software, learn safety procedures, or new customer service techniques, our training videos are your ticket to success. Say goodbye to boring lectures and hello to interactive, effective training that gets you results.
Have you ever struggled to explain a complex idea or product to someone? That’s where explainer videos shine. We take the intricate and make it oh-so-simple. Explainer videos are your secret weapon for breaking down intricate concepts and turning them into simple, engaging stories that your target audience can understand. These can also be found in the form of an animated video or live-action video depending on the approach the specific company or school wants to achieve. Whether it’s introducing a new product, demystifying a tech gadget, or clarifying a complicated process, explainer videos will have you saying, “Aha!” in no time.
Micro videos are here to deliver quick bites of wisdom straight to your screen. These bite-sized gems are perfect for those moments when you need to learn something new in a flash. From life hacks to essential tips and tricks, micro videos are your go-to source for rapid learning. Who said you can’t master a skill during your coffee break? With micro videos, you absolutely can!

Benefits of Educational Videos

Think of education videos as your personal tutors, but with a twist. Instead of dry textbooks or monotonous lectures, these videos are designed to bring your subjects to life. They’re engaging, interactive, and tailored to suit specific learning styles.


Educational videos are adept at capturing and retaining the attention of the audience. By leveraging visual and auditory elements, they simplify complex concepts and engage viewers in a dynamic learning experience. The lively animations, real-world examples, and crisp audio foster a conducive learning environment that traditional text-based materials struggle to emulate.

Education videos can be created for a wide variety of different audiences and purposes. For example, they can serve as invaluable tools for learning institutions and educators, enhancing classroom learning with engaging visual content that reinforces key concepts. Alternatively, in the corporate world, these videos are indispensable for employee training, ensuring that your team is well-equipped with the latest skills and knowledge.

No matter your budget, we can help create an educational video to suit your needs. Quality education videos shouldn’t have to break the bank, and our team is here to prove it. Whether you’re a passionate educator, a non-profit organisation, or a small business with a limited budget, we’ve got you covered.

Our commitment to affordability doesn’t mean compromising on quality. We believe that everyone should have access to high quality video education video production regardless of their budget that informs and inspires, regardless of your financial constraints.


With so many educational video production companies out there, you’re probably wondering why you should choose us? Here’s why. Not only are we a team of dedicated and skilled video producers, we believe in close-communication to help bring YOUR idea to life. That means our in-house video production team works with you every step of the way during the whole process from ideation to those final touches. We want to ensure every detail of your instructional video is exactly as you want it.

When you choose us for your educational video production needs, you’re choosing a team that merges expertise with creativity. Our team of skilled video producers understand the importance of an educational video, and the many benefits it can bring. This means we can not only bring creativity to engage but also the knowledge for a long-lasting impact.

Education video production is all about creating content that is exciting, fun and informative. The end goal is to make the learning experience as seamless as possible, to keep people so engaged and interested that they forget they’re actually learning something. Through exciting visuals, voiceovers and and still, we can make learning fun! (that was the last one, promise!).


The optimal length of an educational video hinges on the complexity of the topic and the target audience. However, educational video production companies often recommend keeping videos under 10 minutes to sustain viewer engagement. For more intricate topics, consider segmenting the content into a series of shorter videos.

The cornerstone of high-quality educational video production lies in a clear objective, an engaging script, crisp visuals and audio, interactive elements, and a succinct delivery. Incorporating real-world examples, quizzes, and a call-to-action can significantly elevate the educational video content. The ability to simplify complex concepts is a hallmark of well-produced educational videos.

We start by getting to know you and your objectives, working collaboratively to research, write scripts, and plan out the visuals of your educational video. After incorporating your feedback and changes, we can move onto the production phase. This is where we film or animate your video content. In post-production, editing of the video, addition of special effects, and the integration of interactive elements are carried out to produce engaging and informative educational video content. And finally, before the final release, it’s crucial to review the video, gather feedback, and make necessary adjustments to ensure it meets its educational objectives.

Throughout the process, we work closely with you to ensure that we understand your vision and can bring it to life in stunning live-action or animated videos.