Case Study

Purr & Mutt

Pet portrait company Purr and Mutt wanted to grow their online sales, to do so they needed marketing material, more specifically they needed a series of social ads (hero and retargeting) to acquire customer interest and convert customers.

To deliver the most bang for their buck, we allocated the majority of the resources to their Hero ad to make sure the viewers’ first impression was the best it can be, whipping out the Red 6K cinema camera.

We then used our own teams’ pets, allowing us to build custom sets and use cinema grade lighting equipment, instead of hiring dogs and cats for the day, which would burn through money.

Purr & Mutt - May 28, 2024

Investing heavily into the hero ad meant the quality was top-notch, allowing us to follow up with retargeting ads that were simply re-edits and cutdowns of the original footage that maintained the standards we set with the viewers first impression of Purr and Mutt.

Basically, we delivered the best content at the lowest price, allowing Purr and Mutt to make a tidy profit to reinvest in their growing business. Also, animals weren’t as bad to work with as we thought they would be, although one of the cats threw up in our office.

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