Case Study

Steamed Egg

Steamed Egg makes the most of VR for its digital-first corporate team building service. To showcase their events, they came to us asking for a series of content that would be used as social ads and a general hero video explaining and marketing their services.

As this was their first real foray into video, we worked closely with their team to develop their visual identity from the ground up, investing our creatives time into helping them build their brand and strike the balance between focussing on the founders and the product offering itself.

We used our green screen set to “transport” the user into the VR world, and shot their video in-house, using our team to act as clients. This allowed us to spend the time required to capture great b-roll footage, and direct our team to make the most out of a limited budget.

You could say the end product was… eggcellent.

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