Case Study


Breakbottle needed a crowdfunding video for their Kickstarter campaign, so guess who they came to!

We began pre-production by refining the script they had provided us, fully utilising our teams years of experience in the crowdfunding video production industry. 

We then scouted several shoot locations, eventually settling on Thetford forest, the largest manmade forest in the UK, with plenty of space for our equipment!

During production, we shot in multiple locations, firstly in Thetford, where the team set up lighting equipment to keep the outdoor shots looking pristine, then in our office, where we converted our canteen into a “home kitchen”, and lastly in our in-house studio, meaning the entire shoot was completed in only a couple of days.

In post-production, we added motion graphics over the live-action footage, and two weeks later the final deliverables were sent to Breakbottle.

From first contact to final sign off, the project was completed in 8 weeks and was launched with their Kickstarter campaign, which hit its goal only 4 days after launch!

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