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Mr Free’d

After creating a £20 Million business in less than three years, the vegan and gluten-free snack innovator Mr Freed wanted to open its doors to new investors through a Seedrs crowdfunding campaign. Making great use of their outstanding brand, we used the entire colour palette to show the bright, vibrant and fun side to vegan snacking, and what Mr Freed is bringing to the table.

During production, we shot the talking heads shots in our in-house studio, taking inspiration from one of our other clients, Buzzfeed, where we changed the coloured backdrops to make their video pop visually, and we used different props in the set design for both founders to further add variety.

Mr Free'd - April 12, 2024

It was also a great opportunity to bring out the best of our skillset, with keen eyes noticing the use of our RED’s camera dolly, allowing us to keep up the momentum draw viewers attention further into the video, and therefore, the pitch.

We then used stop motion animation when showcasing their products to give the production the same charming feel that you get from the packaging of their products.

As always, our sound engineers got super creative with the engaging audio effects added in post-production, and plenty of 2D animation to keep our team of animators on their toes.

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