Case Study


Hiro is a home insurance company that is fully optimised for the modern market, providing financial offerings that incentivises new users to make the most of smart home technology.

They also wanted to provide financial offerings to potential investors, choosing to use Seedrs as their crowdfunding platform with the target to raise £1.2 Million. They then came to us to make their pitch video.

Shot at a high-end Airbnb and through virtual meets, we were able to bring out the best quality production, whilst also getting quotes from their highly qualified and well-regarded investors to create social proof.

To bring their service offering to life we explained their tech-based solution from top to bottom, going into depth about their market evaluations and their role in the future of insurance in a format suitable not only to its investors but to potential customers alike.

Reaching over £2 million investment, we like to think we played a (small) part in their incredible success.

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