Case Study


Livia’s is the fastest-growing free-from brand in the UK, their treats had large hurdles to overcome before reaching the market, whilst maintaining their health focussed USPs and great taste.

After overcoming these hurdles they began shooting for the stars, targeting mainstream appeal. To fund the growth required, they went to Seedrs with the target of raising £1 Million.

To create a pitch video that not only followed but expanded upon their branding, presenting them as the forward-thinking, ethical company that they are. 

Our creatives worked closely with the Livia’s team throughout the entire video production process, collaborating with our in-house animation team to create custom assets.

When it comes to filming the live-action components, the filmmaking team went out with our cinema-grade RED cameras to Livia’s offices to get the talking headshots and show off their growing team, humanising the video.

We also created some stylish product shots, flexing the visual appeal that Livia’s food has, making the investors hungry for more than a good investment opportunity.

At the end of the day, Livia’s raised £1.9 Million, smashing their target and reaching 190% of their target. Yum. 

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