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Molecular Sound 2

Molecular Sound 2 - July 22, 2024Molecular Sound gave us a call about a case study series focusing on sonic branding. It’s a subject that’s not been too well covered in the past, and Molecular wanted to explain to potential customers (and beyond) why it’s so important. They wanted to showcase what actually goes into their work, so starting with their project for Huel – we did just that.

We only had one day to shoot, so diving into their studio we called in the big guns, well… lenses. Incorporating a 50mm to capture the process from a human perspective and a kaleidoscope lens to add a little flare.

The edit involved one of our editors, Adam taking the aesthetics back to the 90s, experimenting with retro screen textures and chromatic aberration for the graphics. If you want to know what that is, ask Adam…

Case studies make great content for brands to show their customers first hand why they might need their services or product. If you fancy something similar to keep your socials alive, get in touch!

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