Case Study

The Tab X Natwest

The Tab partnered with Natwest to make relevant branded content presented in a documentary format.

Once they had their idea, they came to us. The Tab and Natwest wanted a documentary about the dangers of money mulling and how criminals will often approach students with lucrative financial offers to commit criminal offences.

This documentary took place after reports revealed over 6,000 students had been involved in financial fraud in 2019, giving Natwest the opportunity to be ahead of the curve and create entertaining and educational content targeted towards students who were unaware of the risks of financial fraud and money mulling.

The shoot took place over several days, with the narrative being led by a presenter from The Tab, and a fraud prevention analyst from Natwest that happens to look pretty damn serious on camera.

We then mixed their narrative charges with interviews from a convicted fraudster and an anonymous victim to drive home the real-life implications of the stories being told and create an impactful piece of branded content.

The documentary was viewed by over 500,000 people online across social media, for both The Tab and Natwest, and received hundreds of likes and comments.

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