Case Study

Tristan Capital

During the lockdown, Tristan Capital wanted to go beyond the status quo of updating their clients with an email and a PDF.

In a regular world, they would host events where their clients would ask questions, and Tristan Capital would dive into detail about their forecasts and results, all face-to-face. 

After the outbreak, they still wanted to remain present in their clients’ minds and personal in their communication methods.

We produced Tristan Capital a new series of branded video content, ‘In Conversation’, merging corporate transparency with creative storytelling, engaging their clients and effectively communicating their strong financial standing. 

The result? Delivering that human element that you just can’t get reading an email, their clients loved the new digital-first approach and Tristan Capitals core branding is being fully utilised more effectively than ever.

Since their first video they have continuously worked with us on expanding the production on each video and we have witnessed a wonderful response from their investor community.

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