How To Create The Best Crowdfunding Video Ever!

So, you have a business that you’re ready to launch into the stratosphere – congrats! You wouldn’t happen to need a crowdfunding video?

But to do so you need money, and to get the money you need to launch a product, but to launch a product you need… you guessed it, money! This is where an investment round would usually come into play, and if you’re reading this article, you’ve probably already settled on a crowdfunding campaign (and a crowdfunding video) as your weapon of choice.

How To Create The Best Crowdfunding Video Ever! - July 22, 2024

It’s no surprise really, with the Global Crowdfunding Market set to almost triple by 2026 – crowdfunding today is the new normal, and it’s here to stay.

So how can you improve your chances of a successful crowdfunding campaign?


According to Indiegogo, campaigns with a pitch video raise, on average, 4 times more funds than campaigns without a pitch video, and this is where teams like ours come into the fold.

Having raised over £75,000,000 worth of investment for 27 brands to date – such as AllPlants, Jaja and even the investment platform Seedrs themselves – we like to think we can offer some real value to the conversation, so here are 5 tips to create the best crowdfunding video ever!

Check out our work with… us?

1. Show yourself

People not only want to know about the company they’re investing in, they want to know who they’re investing in.


Check out our work with… us?

Our founder Rupert clearly knows the value that it can bring…

“In the same way a magician rolls up his sleeves before a performance to set the scene, an investment video should too….” Show the founders and your key managers – it not only allows you to humanise your brand, it also shows confidence in your business, establishes trust, displays your values as well as how your personality can positively impact your business and a return of investment for investors.

2. Keep it quick

We recommend keeping your video short and sweet, a 2-4 minute video should be enough time to give your investors a comfortable overview without information overload.

“The crowdfunding video is the trailer for your pitch – not the feature film,” our producer, Nathaniel says, “include only the most exciting, important and unique aspects of your business in the video – everything else is irrelevant”.

A strong take, but certainly a practical mindset to cut out the waffle, keep your audience engaged and guarantee all content in the video adds value to your proposition.

3. Story & Structure Is Vital

“Every video has a story” explains Nathaniel, this story is about what is exciting about your business to the investor, give it a structure that conveys your key information and USPs effectively.

“Don’t think of investors as just investors, think of them like consumers”, Rupert adds. Show who you are and what you do, and then break down the back end of the business – It’s worked for us so far!

4. Don’t waste this marketing opportunity

Your campaign is likely to be the first touchpoint for potential investors.

Ask yourself, how will your campaign impact the narrative of your brand’s story? Is your product one to be bought by your investor community, like a banking app, or is it an eco-friendly toilet for the international market?

Check out our work with Loowatt below:

The answers to these questions will affect your messaging, as a video pitch to deliver a product to a developing country will tend to be more investment leaning, whereas a banking app like Snoop has a higher chance to be adopted by its own investors, bringing it closer to a product pitch.

Check out our work with Snoop below:

In essence, understand your audience, know your market and play your cards according to your potential investors interests.

5. Get inspired

Finally, what common traits can you see between successful pitch videos and how can you implement those aspects into your own pitch?

Until robots take over, history is every industry’s best predictor for the future. Find campaigns that inspire you, campaigns for businesses like yours… and start taking notes!

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