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Who says videos have to be complex? At Perspective Pictures, we simplify the entire video creation process by giving you engaging animations that take a simple story or concept and elevate it to new levels.

It’s not about creating the most complex characters but keeping your audience in mind and helping them understand what the video is all about. Whether you’d prefer general stick figures or vivid characters that appeal to a younger audience, we can help you.

Our team of experts help companies in all sectors, including:

  • Finance

  • Legal

  • E-Commerce

  • Creative Agencies

  • Housing

  • Education

So, if you want a video that your audience can relate to or need to explain a complex process or theory, please get in touch with us today.

Original characters that set your brand apart from others

Brand awareness is everything, and the best brands set themselves apart from others. Audiences have so many tools at their disposal now, and it’s much harder to fool them with the traditional ‘buy me, buy me’ mentality.

Every successful modern brand does two things:

  • Relate to an audience

  • Build a relationship with each person

Animated videos are the best way to create unique characters that a target audience can relate to. These fantastic animations can immediately build recognition and develop the potential for a relationship.

While some of our clients prefer to keep it simple and use animations to enhance their video, others love creating complex characters that speak, tell stories and capture the audience’s imagination.

No matter how small or big your project is, we can help you build a lasting impression.

The benefits of 2D animation videos

2D animation is a type of animation that uses two-dimensional drawings to create movement. The graphics were traditionally made on paper (think old-school Disney), but most artists use digital tools to make the drawings more lifelike.

While many believe 2D animation is best for cartoons, it’s a popular tool for educational and explainer videos, infographics and shareable social media content.

Why use 2D animated videos?

2D animation is a versatile and powerful tool that we use to create a wide range of visual effects. By manipulating the frame rate, animators can create the illusion of movement and control that movement’s speed and direction.

We can also use this animation technique to create various special effects like fire, smoke, and water. It’s also easier to manipulate 2D images into three-dimensional content using gradient shading techniques, adding more depth to each character or illustration.

Grab your audience’s attention and keep hold of it

Most people think animation is best for children because it immediately catches their attention – but adults are also receptive to these videos. We live in a fast-paced world, where people don’t usually have time to sit back and take in a video.

Live-action is easy to ignore because it’s something we’re used to. But a 2D animation video is unique, colourful and the perfect way to grab the attention of each audience member. When done right, these videos improve your SEO (Search engine optimisation) strategy and resonate with a wider audience.

If you’re a new business or don’t have a large budget, these videos could be exactly what you need to cut through the noise and place your brand in front of the right people.

Cut through the noise

According to Atlassian, 65% of people are visual learners and respond best to being able to see information through visual storytelling or learn with explainer videos. Our videos make the entire process of teaching others quickly while maximising the use of two-dimensional space to create something incredible.

If you want to create dynamic videos that cut through the noise and place your brand above others, you’re in the right place. We always help our clients cut through the noise.

Make roots

Animated videos are highly effective for marketing purposes because they provide the perfect combination of visual and audio stimulation for viewers. Your main goal as a business should be to send the right message and make your audience understand why you’re the best brand for them.

Once you achieve this, you can take root in each potential customer’s mind and grow that initial connection into a long-term relationship.

Improve your ROI

Live-action videos will always be more expensive than animation videos because we have to hire a cast and deal with numerous cuts and edits. The shorter production timeline of animated videos makes them the more cost-effective solution for businesses on a budget.

You can also refresh the sound effects and animation to re-purpose your content rather than spending money on creating a new video. Over time, this will inevitably result in a better ROI, improving relationships with external and internal stakeholders.

Get social

Social media is one of the most valuable marketing platforms for businesses, but it’s also highly competitive. Many brands struggle to stake their place on their chosen platform, and most would agree that it’s no longer enough to maintain a regular posting schedule.

When you outperform your main competitors, you can drive engagement, increase sales, meet customer requirements and enhance your ROI.

Our animation production company can help you to achieve more

Gone are the days of direct selling, and creating relationships with your audience is the only way your company will survive. Luckily, we have extensive experience creating impactive animated videos that will take your business model and turn it into a relatable and engaging brand.

Sell more products/services with a high-quality animated explainer video

Did you know that most people check the reviews before purchasing a product? Once they understand whether the product performs well, the next port of call is deciding whether it’s easy to use.

Explainer videos are perfect for creating a simplified user guide, and people always respond well to visual content. However, you can also use them to teach your audience how your service works, increasing conversions.

Original content for all of your marketing campaigns

The best thing about our 2D animation video services is you can portray a certain mood or theme without ruining your entire marketing strategy. While all companies have a general target audience, they must also develop detailed buyer personas for each group to ensure the content appeals to them.

A 2D animated video is perfect for communicating various ideas and concepts to each audience member. Whether it’s funny content for children, more serious content for adults, or refining your strategy to reflect your industry, these videos can give every viewer a unique and excellent experience.

Narrative and storyline 

Storytelling dates back to cave dwellers when people would scratch images into caves to tell stories. The Ancient Greeks and Romans used poetry to explain historical events, and our past is rooted in these stories.

The value of storytelling is undeniable and an essential element of human communication, and it brings a sense of structure, understanding and unity to complex theories, events and explanations.

An animated video tells a story that takes your viewers on a journey and redefines their experience. The characters and vivid imagery breathe life into a boring concept and deliver a firm understanding that enhances your audience’s responses.

Our production company specialises in immersive motion graphics that improve your digital marketing strategy and simplify complex ideas.

Bring your brand to life with our 2D animation company

Perspective Pictures is one of the UK’s most reputable video production services, specialising in visual content and storytelling. Our 2D animation company can help solve your business problems and help you to create winning experiences that inspire your audience.

Here’s why so many of our clients choose us.

We’re digital-first

Digital content isn’t a luxury; it’s a necessity. While print advertising will always have its place, potential customers will always search for products and learn more about your business online.

We’re a digital-first agency, and always keep that mentality in mind when creating content for your brand. Everything we make is suitable for internet distribution and will meet your objectives, so you can guarantee that we’ll always go the extra mile.

With our full range of editing tools and a highly creative team of experts, we can place your brand in front of the right people and ensure you can stand above your competitors.

Socially inclined

Social media is how people communicate, and it’s allowed people around the world to connect. It’s an excellent tool for exposure, but social media makes it more challenging to reach your audience and connect with them.

Our professional team knows how to cut through red tape and ensure that nothing stands in your way when you want to reach potential customers.

Specialists in marketing videos

The old-school glitz and glamour still have their place – in Hollywood. It’s no longer enough to tell a story because your audience wants to connect with your brand and understand what makes you special.

We always sit down with each client and discuss their objectives so that we can prove the value of our service. Our video production business began in a garden shed and now includes a team of 20 talented individuals and a range of editing tools.

Whether it’s a full animated explainer video or support with character animation, we’re confident you’ll love working with our production company.

Get started with your animated video today

If you’re ready to achieve more for your business through animated content, please feel free to contact our friendly team. We offer a zero-obligation consultation so you can discuss your requirements and get a quote.

Ready to create something awe-inspiring? Contact us today.

Not sure if animation is the right video pathway? Shoot us an email and we’ll discuss it together. 

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