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High-Impact Videos That Disrupt The News Feed & Elevate Your Brand

Why advertise on Facebook? Over 4 billion video views a day happen on the platform. 500 million people view 100 million hours of content daily. Facebook video posts get an average engagement rate of 6.01%.

What does this mean for you?

More views, higher engagement levels, the opportunity to build a brand that cuts through the noise and resonates with a wider audience.

If you’re not using video content on Facebook, then it’s about time you did!

At Perspective Pictures, we make creative Facebook video ads that spark interest and set you apart as a forward-thinking, innovative brand that puts customer experience above everything else.

Our Facebook Video Production Services

At Perspective Pictures, we create brand-defining content. As a digital-first agency, we know that brands have a harder time than ever competing for some much-needed recognition – but our dynamic team of creatives will get you in front of the right people and secure higher levels of engagement.

We specialise in social-first content and can help you with all aspects of Facebook video production, from the initial concept to post-editing and delivery.

Having worked with brands such as Adobe and BYBI, we understand that social ads must not only capture the attention of an audience but create a spark that makes people want to learn more.

As you can see from our previous work, we know how to portray the true value of your brand and display your relevance within today’s increasingly competitive social market.

We’ll Consult You On The Advertising Options

Facebook ads are diverse, and there are many placement options to consider. Deciding on the right one for your goal and audience is essential to reaching your metrics. This is where we can help.

In-Feed Ads – These look just like the posts you find on your Facebook feed. They show up as someone scrolling through their News Feed and can be clicked or tapped to expand for more information.

In-Stream Video Ads – Similar to mini commercials, these ads show in the middle of another video. Unlike traditional advertisements, these spots only play on mobile devices after 60 seconds have passed since your main content started playing.

Facebook Stories Ads – Fullscreen, vertical videos that appear between organic stories. If your video lasts more than 15 seconds, the platform will split into playlists.

Video Feed Ads – These scrolling advertisements appear between organic videos on their Newsfeed.

If this is your first time using video advertising on a social platform, it can be challenging to know where to start. We consult with you to decide which ad format and placement are best, so you can rest assured you’ll get the most bang for your buck.

Our Team Always Create Video Ads That Don’t Hold You Back

Facebook has plenty of rules and guidelines for people creating ads, and you need to be aware of them. We’ve produced ads on Facebook for many clients and understand how to align your video with increasing views to get new business opportunities.

We’ll handle everything from defining the perfect length of your video to aspect ratio and resolutions. With us, nothing will hold you back.

Why Facebook Video Ads Are Vital To Your Marketing Strategy

It started with one man’s vision to create a platform that connected people across the world, and today, Facebook is the most popular form of social media around. It’s changed how we catch up with our loved ones and meet new people.

But Facebook has also given businesses a way to connect with their current audience and expand their international reach. If you’re not using Facebook as part of your marketing strategy, you could be missing out on so many opportunities.


The numbers speak for themselves. Facebook currently has over 2 billion monthly active users, which means the platform is second place to Google. This translates into the opportunity to connect with a global audience.

Thousands of advertising campaigns run on Facebook, and many brands turn to it instead of outdated traditional print and TV advertising. Not only is Facebook cheaper, but in a mobile dominated world, your adverts are ‘always on’.


Video content is an excellent way to showcase your brand in all its glory. It’s also one of the best methods for engaging with customers on Facebook because videos can capture attention more than text or images do.

According to Hootsuite, the average engagement rate for Facebook videos is 0.26%. When you compare that to the overall engagement rate of general ads – which is 0.18%, you’ll see why a video ad can be the best marketing investment you’ll make.


Since its early days, the Facebook family has diversified, and your video ads can now appear on Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram. It’s easier than ever to create a message and make sure it gets to desktop and mobile devices, meaning you can promote your brand to your target audience.

Whether it’s getting people to interact with your content on Instagram, increasing your messages or attracting more followers for your Facebook page, video ads create a range of possibilities for your brand to grow.


Facebook advertising has many benefits, but its ability to catapult people into the consideration stage of their purchasing journey is probably the most important one. When your Facebook videos are good, they’ll increase brand awareness.

But when your videos are great, they’ll encourage your audience to visit your website, click on your product and take action.

With all of these advantages, it’s clear that Facebook ads can catapult your brand from zero to hero – but Facebook video advertising is so much more than putting together a few scenes.

To succeed on Facebook, you need to think out of the box and tell a story that people won’t forget.

We Create Facebook Video Ads That Deliver Measurable Growth For Your Brand

Are you looking for a video production company that specialises in engaging content? You know the type we mean; it’s quirky, different, and – most importantly – it’s irresistible. At Perspective Pictures, we know that run of the mill content just doesn’t cut it.

Every brand that’s ever seen genuine growth from the platform has one thing in common; they think out of the box and aren’t afraid to take risks.

We’re a young, fresh-faced team that lives and breathes video. It all started with two YouTubers creating documentary content in a garden shed (yes, really). But that wasn’t enough; soon, we set off on an incredible soul defining journey, hitchhiking the length of India with our cameras by our sides.

Then that still wasn’t enough. We wanted to turn our talent for video and passion for capturing stunning content into a service that benefitted others. From that vision, Perspective Pictures was born.

Since those wanderlust days, we’ve grown up a lot but still retain the values that set us apart from others; creativity, digital-first, social content that steps out of the box and makes an impactive statement.

We’ve created immersive content for some fantastic companies, from small start-ups to international icons Huel and Buzzfeed.

Now it’s your turn.

What Our Team of Creatives Can Offer You:

Audience Identification

As a social-first agency, we understand that creating a visually stunning Facebook video isn’t going to cut it. The social media platform is the largest globally, and simply posting a video might grab attention, but it won’t expose your brand to a larger audience.

We know first hand that audience targeting is central to your success and can support you not only to identify who your ideal customer is but understand how to reach them.

Having worked on numerous social media campaigns before, we can help you make your way through the crowds and place your business in front of the people who matter.

This includes supporting you with Facebook insights to create custom audiences and target your advert to a lookalike audience.

There’s no set audience, but we’ve worked with brands in a range of industries, including nutrition, beauty and SAAS. We’ll help you target people interested in your product/service and drive forward move lead generation opportunities.

Visual Storytelling

Did you know that around 85% of people watch Facebook videos with the sound turned off? Visual storytelling is central to your success on the platform. A picture speaks a thousand words, and our videos can tell an entire story in a few short frames.

It’s all about conveying what makes your brand memorable and delivering the message in a straightforward yet visually stimulating way. Our team of creatives will work with you to define exactly what you want to say and come up with an innovative way to send the right message.

Whether it’s a passionate video that sparks a reaction, content that displays your mission and values or a fun-filled animation that engages your audience, we’ll develop an imaginative and dynamic concept for your video.

While many other companies offer technical services, we can support you from start to finish, combining our production know-how with creative flair. We’re a full-service agency and encourage you to be as involved as you’d like.

Full-Service Production

Our production team will streamline all aspects of the video marketing campaign from start to finish. We’ll consult with you during the pre-production process to define your goals and the message you want to send.

You’ll have a dedicated producer that also acts as your account manager, keeping you up to date with our progress and helping you with the logistics of the shoot, such as site, actors and everything else that will turn your video from concept to reality.

Our directors and producers collaborate to ensure every production element is flawless. This combination of management and visualisation ensures every scene makes sense and contribute to the underlying message your audience will see.


The editor is a key player in the video production process. They will work with directors and cut up clips into sequences that create stories, moods or feelings for songs from start to finish. Some videos have slow cuts, while others offer quick edits, so it all depends on what kind of effect you want to have on your audience.

We encourage all of our clients to get involved with the editing process, and you’re welcome to book a session with our post-production team. You’re investing money into the production, and joining us for editing enables you to put your stamp on the video.

We can handle everything ourselves if you’re happy for us to take over, but you have complete flexibility with Perspective Pictures.

What Makes Us Different?

You’ve probably seen a few video production agencies out there, so now it’s our turn to blow our own trumpet (so to speak). Well, we’re definitely not your average production agency, and we maintain a digital-first, social always mantra in everything we do.

Creating a diverse range of content for businesses that want to generate more leads and sales, we offer branded content, explainer videos, animations, promotional content and much more so you can scale your growth on social media platforms.

We’ve created quite an impact within the industry and have enjoyed working with high profile clients such as HSBC, All Plants and Microsoft.

Here’s what makes us different.

Breaking Through the Red Tape

The days of traditional advertising are no longer relevant. We’re one of the first companies to break through the red tape of that old establishment mentality and bring video production into the future.

As a digital-first agency, we understand that it’s no longer enough to create a shiny video; the message you send is everything. We know how to turn companies into brands and maintain our digital-first, human-centric ethos in everything we do.

Innovative Shooting Techniques to Streamline Your Project

If you’re short on time or have an urgent need for video production services, then you’re in luck. We’re not scared of a challenge and have taken on many last-minute projects in our time. How do we do it? Collaboration is key.

We shoot on RED cameras, allowing us to make technical changes during the post-production process, including adapting your video for different screen sizes. This means we can deliver everything you’ll need in just one shoot, saving you time, money and a whole lot of headaches.

Our team can also shoot in bulk, meaning you can have hundreds of deliverables in just a few day sessions.

We Get Social

Social media is a part of life, and we completely get that. Facebook users want helpful information that gets straight to the point, and that’s pretty much what we do. Our entire company started with two people creating YouTube videos in a garden shed, and now we’re a team of 20 creatives from all walks of life.

With us on your side, we’ll turn views into likes, likes into comments, and comments into actions that make you more money and take your business to new heights.

Are You Ready to Create a Facebook Video Ad?

Facebook is a competitive platform to market your business on, but that’s a good thing. If it weren’t so effective for growing brands, they wouldn’t use it! We love a challenge and are confident that we can find those small elements that make your business special and amplify them through immersive video content.

If you’d like to talk about your project, please feel free to contact our team of creatives. We offer a no-obligation consultation and can’t wait to hear about your brand.

Not sure if we’re the right video pathway? Shoot us an email and we’ll discuss it together. 

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