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Timewise is a UK workforce consultancy firm whose mission is to find innovative ways to help companies attract and retain highly talented employees using a flexible work scheme.

With their innovative approach, they initially found resistance, but their results quickly disproved naysayers and brought them globally recognised, household name clients. To expand their business further, they came to us needing video content showcasing the insights from a recent construction project as part of the launch of their reporting to media and the construction industry as a whole

Shot in only a day with a team of four of our filmmakers, we went on sight and spoke to the real workers positively impacted by their services, adding authenticity and really bringing to attention the great impact on both the employer and the employee.

In post-production, our team interlaced the footage with Timewises’ brand representative, adding the human element that so many corporate videos seem to miss.

Did we also mention that those scenes were filmed via zoom? This meant the Timewise staff kept their busy schedules intact whilst saving money.

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