Case Study

TX by Thirdway

TX is the latest innovation by Thirdway, with the goal of designing an office space easier than ever.

So why did they come to us? Well, it is hard to explain, literally. Thirdway tasked us to create an explainer video that would streamline and simplify the learning curve of using their software for potential users. 

This would allow their clients to have an immediate understanding of the software, and the potential for its application on their clients’ office spaces. This would then streamline the design process and allow Thirdways construction crew to immediately get to work.

They wanted the video to be fast-paced, engaging and to showcase the human service elements that came with their digital-first service.

Our filmmakers shot the live-action components in their aesthetically pleasing office, using our cinema-grade RED cameras and our dolly set to get those silky smooth panning shots. Our editors then kept up the pacing with great editing and made the most of our sound engineers’ banging playlist.

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