crowdfunding films

So, you want their money? Their investment if you will? Let’s go get it...


Having started in a shed, in the quiet discomfort of Rupert’s parents' back garden. We’ve grown from £50 in a Santander bank account to where we are today. We’ve raised successfully before with Seedrs and have since become their preferred video partner for all their crowdfunding campaigns.  The live campaigns we’ve supported to date with video content have seen a 100% success rate, how about that?


We understand growth is vital and to inspire growth through investment, you need content that identifies who you are, what your business mission is and what makes you unique. At Perspective Pictures we create exciting, eye catching and engaging crowdfunding  videos specific to the intricacies of each business we work with. We’re eager to learn about your business and celebrate your goals as well as achievements through our passion for storytelling. 


Through our unique approach to storytelling we will listen to your story and build that brand into a cinematic package that invites investors and creates opportunities for startups. We have successfully created videos that have enabled over 20 million pounds worth of investment and that have gathered attention in all the right ways! 


Looking to raise investment? Video can help you achieve that and we can work with you to create an engaging crowdfunding video that provides a great return on investment.

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