Top Trends in London’s Video Production Scene for 2024: What’s New and Next?

With hundreds of film production companies, the UK’s capital city is the hub for the latest creative trends in the video marketing world. From the incredible locations right on your doorstep to unmatched talent and a buzzing creative atmosphere, there are so many reasons that for a video production company, London is the number one place to be.

So, it’s no surprise that London’s video production agencies are leading the way in video marketing. Let’s dive into some of London’s top video production trends for the coming year.

Mobile-First Video Production

Top Trends in London's Video Production Scene for 2024: What's New and Next? - April 12, 2024

There’s always a time and place for big cameras, bulky equipment, and a huge film crew, but many brands are increasingly leaning towards the filmed-on-an-iPhone look for their social media video content. In a social media landscape where authenticity and relatability are paramount, brands are looking for a more genuine connection with their audience. This shift is less about the glitz and glamour of high-end production and more about creating content that feels real, raw, and resonant.

In 2024 and beyond, we expect to see a rise in authentic and behind-the-scenes style video marketing content that looks like it was effortlessly filmed and edited on a mobile phone – even if it actually had an expert production company behind it. It takes skill to make it look this easy!

CGI and AI

Top Trends in London's Video Production Scene for 2024: What's New and Next? - April 12, 2024

Changing technology means that a video production company can now pull off ideas that would once have been considered totally ridiculous. For example, CGI is often found in big-budget films, but it’s only recently that it’s started becoming super popular in marketing campaigns. Remember the videos of buses and tube trains with giant eyelashes promoting Maybelline’s Sky High Lash that blew up on social media last year? Quirky and outrageous marketing campaigns like this are likely to keep becoming more and more popular as generative AI and new technology makes it easier to pull off these stunts.

Speaking of AI, it’s also having a huge impact on pre production and post production. For example, AI is beginning to play a more significant role in video editing. Tools powered by artificial intelligence can assist in editing by automatically selecting the best shots, optimising sound levels, and even suggesting creative changes. This technology is making post-production more efficient and allowing editors to focus on the more creative aspects of their work.

The Death of Minimalism

Top Trends in London's Video Production Scene for 2024: What's New and Next? - April 12, 2024

Minimalism is dead, thank god. After years of boring aesthetics, flat logos, and lifeless rebrands, minimalism is well and truly out. In 2024, maximalism is in; production companies are now exploring lavish visual effects, complex storylines, and rich, layered sound design to create a sensory feast in their films and videos. This maximalist trend is evident in everything from corporate video production to creative videos for online platforms.

Top video production companies are pushing the envelope, integrating bold colours, intricate animations, and elaborate text overlays created to engage audiences and capture the essence of global brands. The result is a final video that’s not just a viewing experience but a grand spectacle. Whether it’s location scouting for the most extravagant settings or post-production that emphasises colour correction and quality control, London’s video production companies are going the extra mile, creating content that’s as unapologetically flamboyant as it is creatively rich.

User Generated Content

Top Trends in London's Video Production Scene for 2024: What's New and Next? - April 12, 2024

User generated content isn’t exactly a new video production trend, but it’s continuing to grow in popularity amongst the capital’s film production companies. It’s not that we’re too lazy to make the content ourselves; it’s that combining professionally shot films with carefully chosen user-generated clips gives your video productions unmatched authenticity! London’s leading video production services are incorporating UGC in new and exciting ways in a wide range of formats:

  • Brand Videos with a Personal Touch: Imagine a brand video that’s not just a glossy, high-budget production but a patchwork of clips sent in by real customers. These videos are a goldmine of authenticity, showcasing genuine experiences and emotions that resonate with audiences. It’s replacing the scripted with the spontaneous – and viewers are loving it!
  • Corporate Video Production Goes Real: Corporate videos are getting a makeover too. Companies are using UGC to add a personal, behind-the-scenes look at their operations, culture, and people. It’s about swapping the stiff, formal corporate image for something more relatable and human.
  • Dynamic Social Media Campaigns: Social media is the natural habitat of UGC. London’s video production teams are leveraging this, encouraging audiences to create and share their own content as part of broader video marketing campaigns. It’s not just about creating online videos; it’s about sparking a movement.
  • Enhanced Customer Testimonials: Forget those staged, stiff testimonials. UGC is breathing new life into this format, with real customers sharing their stories in their own words, spaces, and styles. It’s raw, it’s real, and it adds an unparalleled level of trust and credibility.
  • Collaborative Documentary Films: Even the documentary film scene is getting a touch of UGC magic. Production companies are using raw footage sourced from the public to tell more comprehensive, multi-perspective stories about life in London and beyond.

VR and AR

Top Trends in London's Video Production Scene for 2024: What's New and Next? - April 12, 2024

These technologies are not just cool gadgets or sci-fi fantasies anymore – they’re real tools that are reshaping the landscape of video production. Let’s start with VR and its game-changing role in location scouting. Gone are the days of physically traipsing around London to find that perfect filming spot. Now, production teams are donning VR headsets and embarking on virtual tours of potential locations, all from the comfort of their studios.

Augmented Reality is adding a whole new layer of creativity to video content. Film crews are using AR to overlay digital information onto physical sets, providing a hybrid filming experience that blends real and virtual worlds. This technology is particularly handy for scenes that require complex visual effects – think a bustling historical London street scene or an action sequence on the Thames. AR helps in visualising these elements during filming, ensuring that the interactions between actors and their environment are as realistic as possible.

In essence, VR and AR are not just cool buzzwords in London’s film production scene; they’re essential tools that are adding depth, efficiency, and a whole lot of wow-factor to the filmmaking process!

Sustainability in Video Production

Top Trends in London's Video Production Scene for 2024: What's New and Next? - April 12, 2024

Sustainability is becoming a key concern for video production companies. From eco-friendly filming practices to reducing the carbon footprint in production, London’s studios are leading the way in green filmmaking.

For example, think about location filming. Production companies are prioritising local shoots to minimise travel-related emissions, or opting for eco-friendly transport options to maintain a smaller, more efficient crew footprint. With London’s huge array of filming locations – from bustling streets to peaceful parks – there’s no need to go far for the right spot!

Moreover, in the realm of corporate video production and brand videos, many London studios are using digital technology to its fullest, reducing the need for physical sets and props, thereby minimising waste. Virtual sets and CGI are becoming increasingly popular, allowing for creative flexibility without the environmental cost of traditional set-building.

Plus, video production companies are adopting a digital workflow wherever possible. Say goodbye to wasteful paper scripts and call sheets; the most eco-conscious agencies are keeping everything digital and based in the cloud to reduce paper use.

More Focus on Being an Ethical Video Production Company

Top Trends in London's Video Production Scene for 2024: What's New and Next? - April 12, 2024

London has so many different video production teams, but how many of them put ethics and social responsibility first? In 2024, it’s clear that just making incredible films isn’t enough; you also need to be a socially responsible employer.

Companies on the hunt for a production team are now peeking behind the curtain to see if you’re walking the walk when it comes to being socially responsible. We’re talking about teams that are certified Living Wage Employers (because who doesn’t love fair pay?), or even those cool enough to be certified B Corps, showing they’re serious about their social and environmental game. And hey, if they’re pledging to plant trees or run their studios on sustainable energy, they’re not just making movies, they’re making a difference!

In today’s world, a production team that’s focused on corporate responsibility is like that rare, perfect shot in filmmaking – it’s in high demand and totally worth it. Businesses want to align with video production companies in London that aren’t just creating amazing things but are also adding a sprinkle of goodness to the world. It’s all about creating that awesome final product while helping to write a better story for our planet and its people.

The Rise of Branded Content

Top Trends in London's Video Production Scene for 2024: What's New and Next? - April 12, 2024

In the bustling, ever-evolving landscape of London’s video production scene, traditional advertising is taking a backseat, and branded content is stealing the limelight. So, what’s the buzz about branded content? Well, imagine this: instead of the usual ad that interrupts your viewing experience, you find yourself watching a story that captivates, entertains, and connects. Brands are now partnering with video production companies to craft content that’s not just about selling a product; it’s about sharing a story, an experience, a slice of the brand’s soul.

Gone are the days when ads were just a means to an end. Now, it’s all about creating a narrative that resonates with the audience. It’s storytelling with a purpose, blending the brand’s values and ethos into narratives that viewers actually want to watch and engage with.

London’s best video production agencies have got the branded content formula down, so expect to see a lot more of this concept in the coming years. And keep in mind that branded content isn’t just for big clients with endless budgets – even smaller businesses are increasingly pulling off creative concepts for branded content too!

Podcast-Video Hybrids

Top Trends in London's Video Production Scene for 2024: What's New and Next? - April 12, 2024

The burgeoning popularity of podcasts has given birth to an innovative trend in the realm of video production – the podcast-video hybrid. This emerging genre is revolutionising the way audiences consume content, merging the intimate, audio-centric nature of podcasts with the dynamic visual elements of video production.

In these hybrid productions, the traditional format of podcasts is enhanced with engaging visual storytelling. It’s not just about listening anymore; it’s about watching the story unfold through a blend of high-quality footage, creative videos, and animations. Production companies in London are crafting these hybrids with a keen eye for detail, ensuring that every visual complements the audio narrative seamlessly.

The podcast-video hybrid is more than just a trend that will fade out after 2024; it’s a reflection of the evolving preferences of viewers and listeners alike. It caters to those who crave the authenticity and personal touch of podcasts, while also satisfying the visual appetite of the modern audience. It’s a creative, engaging, and effective way of storytelling, proving once again that in London’s video production scene, creativity knows no bounds.

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