7 Ways To Use Video Marketing For Your Business

With 88% of marketing professionals reporting a positive ROI from video marketing, it’s no wonder you’d want to use video as a marketing tool. Unlike text and photos, video marketing kills many birds with one stone (though it can be a mighty big stone to produce).

Videos engage consumers, bring a face to your business and character to your product or service. Here are 7 types of content you can make to boost your business profile through the power of video marketing…

7 Ways To Use Video Marketing For Your Business - July 22, 2024

Teaser Videos

Give people a video that teases your product or service and the value it provides. This delivers hype for your main “pitch” by building anticipation and intrigue, if not, it will at least build a sense of familiarity with your brand before they really get to know you.

Brand Videos

Put a face to your business or create a video that embodies your brand’s personality. This content is where you can humanise and relate, where you turn from a product or standalone service to a brand!

Connecting your brand with a familiar media personality, such as social media influencers, is a powerful way to promote brand awareness and drive ROI, with 49% of consumers depending on influencer recommendations. Find a personality that aligns your brand, or better yet one who is already a fan, and provide the viewer with a friendly, familiar face to drive awareness and establish trust.

How-to Videos

With almost 50% of internet users looking for videos relating to a product or service before going to a store and 4 out of 5 consumers finding demo videos helpful, you’ve probably looked into the how-to’s before a purchase yourself.

Get these videos right and they can demonstrate your USP’s, they can keep your consumer engaged with your product and answer questions for your rapidly growing customer base. Let viewers understand what you’re offering inside and out, be proud of your offering and the problem you’re solving with a video that shows it all!

Four times as many customers would rather watch a video about a product than read about it, so if it’s tech, do a hardware teardown, if it’s a service, show them how you go the extra mile. This is a modern and transparent way to settle sceptics, improve ROI, spend less time explaining to your customers on why your offering is the best, and more time providing the best.

Reviews and Testimonials

Is your product or service better than your competitors?

Social proofing is more than powerful enough to build and collapse a business in a heartbeat.

Taking control of this will be reliant on your commitment to building a consumer-centric business. Say you only have a few reviews, but they do the job and then some highlighting your great offering. How do you shout them out to the world? Video!

Capture their thoughts and feelings on screen, put a face to your consumers’ names by presenting them alongside your product; this builds social proofing, credibility and trust in your businesses ability to provide what’s written on the tin, a truly rare commodity.

The Pitch

This video would act as a jack of all trades, displaying your product or service, flexing those key selling points and highlighting your brand’s personality. Use this to build upon your previous marketing efforts – in fact, retargeting adverts can increase conversion rates by almost 150%!

Do it right and this can be a power move, it’s worked well for us so far…

Evolutionary Steps & Updates

Has your business changed? Evolved? If yes to any of these, shout about it.

Show the audience your development as a business by evolving the creative of your videos, refresh your take on advertising and refine the brand you’ve built!

Provide regular updates to your audience on how you are continuing to improve and grow as a company, this is not only a great reminder of your business but also offers transparency on your commitment to do better.

Nowadays more than ever, it’s important to keep your customers up to date, that could be to do with your products or services directly or steps as a business you’re taking to reduce risk.

Tips & Tricks Videos:

Are your customers not making the most out of what you’re providing?

Help them maximise how they utilise your product or service by updating your consumers with value-driven content marketing! This not only reminds them of your brand but also improves their ROI, increasing the chances of repeat purchases and showing that your business cares about its buyers and wants the maximum amount of benefit to be received to your client base.

Tip’s and tricks, newsletters and webinars are powerful tools to improve your business in the long-term, all can be vastly modernised through the power of video. 59% of executives say they would rather watch a video than read text, so think about how you can speak to your audience through a format they are comfortable with, and effectively communicate your advice in a way that furthers the humanisation of your brand…

So there’s a few tips about how you can use video to effectively market your product or service, what next? Well, that’s down to you…

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