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Exactly what it says on the tin

Do you have a product that you’re looking to break down to all your potential customers? Or does your business deal with the complex concepts and gritty issues of today’s world?

If you’re interested in using explainer videos for your brand, you’re in luck! Here at Perspective Pictures, we offer a complete explainer video production service that provides the best way for you to explain your product or service to the world.

Through our explainer video production service, we transform intricate concepts into digestible visuals that resonate with your target audience. Because where words fall short, a compelling video can speak volumes. Let’s turn your message into a visually compelling experience for your customers that informs, engages, and inspires action!

What We Offer

While most explainer video companies only provide pretty basic services, here at Perspective Pictures we provide a full-service explainer video production from start to finish, From pre-production all the way to distribution, our team of video production experts will guide you through the whole process, ensuring that the final product comes out exactly how you pictured it (or even better!)


As the first step of the explainer video production process, pre-production is when our production team will get to know anything and everything about your brand and target audience. This is super important in informing how we approach the video production process to make sure the final product really resonates with both current and new customers.

As a basic guideline, we’ll be aiming to answer these three questions in pre-production:

  • Why should people use your product/service?
  • Can you solve your customers’ problems?
  • Will your video make a viewer’s life easier?


Once we’ve polished up all these details around your brand and goals for this explainer video, we can start moving on to the production stage.

Production is where all the fun, movie magic happens! Explainer video production is relatively simple compared to other types of video production, mainly because they’re a pretty simple video format anyway. This simplicity then leaves plenty of room for us to play around with the video’s style, story, and sound design.

You can create a unique and exciting explainer video using different animations and sound effects. Animated explainer videos are a great way to create explainers on a budget as they don’t require any casting or in-person shooting days. We can also create animations using an animation style that aligns perfectly with your brand’s unique visual identity.

While the visual elements are important, what’s even more essential is to make sure that the video provides helpful and informative content that leaves your viewers wanting more. That’s why we’ll typically aim to create explainer videos that are concise and to the point – 90 seconds seems to be the ideal time, however there’s plenty of room to experiment with this, especially if you offer more complicated products or services.

We’ll make sure to keep you involved throughout the entire process, and we’re always happy to hear any ideas you’ve got, but for the most part you can just sit back and relax while we get to work on creating the perfect explainer video for your company.

We’re almost there! Once we’ve shot all the footage or created all the animations we need, we can start moving on to post-production. While it’s often the most overlooked part of a project, post-production is really where your explainer video starts to fully take shape and transform from a script and pile of clips into a high quality and engaging explainer video for your business.

During post-production, we’ll be putting all of the content together to create one cohesive explainer video. We’ll be carefully going through each bit of content to make sure that every single part of the video is engaging and is able to carefully explain any product or service you’re looking to promote. It can be tricky to narrow down what to use and what to trim off, but we’ll always make sure to stay on script and keep your customers in mind throughout the entire process.

Just like the production process, you can choose how involved you want to be in the post-production phase. You’re more than welcome to join us in the editing suite and bounce off your ideas with our friendly team to make the explainer video truly yours.

Once you’re happy with the final cut of your new explainer video, you can now focus on distributing it. While most video production companies will hit the brakes after post-production, that’s not really our style.

As a digital-first video production company, we’re all about creating videos that are optimised for the digital world. That’s why as part of our explainer video services we’ll also ensure that your explainer video is formatted and optimised correctly for your website and any social media channels you’re looking to expand on.


Whether it’s a product explainer video or an animated explainer video, brands, non profits, and companies of all sorts everywhere can start to see the many benefits of using a well-produced explainer video.

At its core, the main goal of an explainer video is to transform complex concepts into something more digestible for wider audiences. No matter how complicated a topic may be, a well-produced explainer video can help to explain it using engaging visuals, fun animations, and a captivating script that helps to make the topic easier for your audience to understand.

We’ve all seen how-to videos and explainer videos floating around YouTube, and here at Perspective Picture’s we’re all about creating content that caters to your own personal brand. Custom-made explainer videos can incorporate your brand’s colours, logos, and messaging to create a cohesive and impactful visual representation of your business. This not only ensures consistency but also reinforces your brand identity with viewers.

Transparency is one of the key ways a company can establish themselves as a credible brand. Going the extra mile and thoroughly explaining how your products or services work can help in building that credibility and trust. An explainer is a great way of connecting on a personal level with your target audience, showing that you understand their pain points and their needs..

In today’s digital age, content shareability is absolutely crucial to getting your brand’s name out there. Explainer videos can be shared with a click of a button, helping to spread your brand’s message virally across digital platforms like YouTube, Facebook, TikTok and more!

Did you know that a landing page featuring an explainer video has a 86% higher conversion rate than a landing page without one? When customers have a fuller understanding of how your products and services work, they’re more likely to make that big leap and convert. If your business is looking to increase sales, an amazing explainer video might just be the secret weapon you were looking for.

With the ever-growing number of smartphone users, content needs to be mobile-friendly in order to maximise reach. Whether you decide to use live action or animated videos, video content can be easily consumed on mobile devices anywhere and at any time. Explainer videos can cater to this vast audience, ensuring your message reaches them wherever they are.

Producing even just one high quality animated explainer video can generate a significant return on investment and lead to more people paying attention to your business and its product or service. With the right explainer video, you’ll simply need to upload it online, sit back, relax, and watch your sales and engagement rates fly higher and higher.


Explainer videos are one of the best ways for any company to get their product and service out there, but creating the perfect explainer video is no simple task. With Perspective Picture’s, you’ll walk away with an explainer video that suits your company’s unique style and messaging.

We’ve worked with both small businesses and massive brands worldwide, so no project is too big or small for our team of ambitious and talented creatives. We’ll work with you to plan and create the best explainer video according to your company’s targets, needs, and budget requirements.

So what are you waiting for? Shoot us an email today and we’ll help you figure out how to create the best explainer video for your brand!


Just like with any other type of video content, there’s several factors that we keep in mind when creating explainer videos. These three key factors are what makes our explainer videos some of the best in the business.

Solid brand personality

Every brand has a story behind it, but not every brand knows how to properly communicate it with the world. Understanding your brand’s personality, target audience, and competitors is a crucial part of creating a high quality, lead-generating explainer video. As part of the pre-production phase, we’ll be diving deep into what makes your brand tick and how we can translate that with our video marketing expertise.

Keep it simple!

Whether you’re looking to create animated explainer videos or want to use more on-the-ground footage, every explainer video needs to balance industry expertise with easy-to-digest language. We’ll make sure the content is relatable and engaging while also ensuring it will explain how your product and service works effectively.

To cast or not to cast?

If you choose to go down the live action route, you’ll also need to decide who to cast in your explainer video. Some brands prefer to keep it simple and down to earth by casting one of their employees, while others may want to use professional actors or voiceover artists for animated video production. With the rise of social media influencers, many brands have also cast industry-relevant influencers who can help capture your audience’s attention.

With so many video production agencies out there now, you’re probably ‘why pick us?’. Here’s where:

We’re digital-first

If you’re on the lookout for a digitally minded video production company, we’re the guys for you! We’ve worked with businesses and brands worldwide to help them up their digital game and make sure that all their content is while meeting their business objectives. With our fresh-faced and expert approach to video production, your new explainer video will be fully optimised for digital use straight out of the editing suite.

We’re socially inclined

These days, a great video isn’t enough to keep your audiences engaged, you’ll also need to make sure your content works across all social media platforms. That’s why we approach the entire video production process with a social-first mindset. If you’re looking to expand your brand’s presence on socials, we’re the perfect team for you!

We’re a team of young, diverse creatives

Since our humble beginnings in a back garden shed, we’ve expanded our team with video production pros from all backgrounds. Our video production company started with the goal of creating the best immersive content for all audiences, and our team carries that goal with them while working through every project.

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