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What We Have Learnt Along The Way

Our journey isn’t over - in fact, it is only just the beginning

Perspective Pictures has been around for three years now, so we like to think we have learnt a few things along the way. Certainly, the team has grown a lot over the past three years, from a team of two in Rupert’s back garden, to a fully fledged team of 15 in our offices in North London. We continue to grow. From all things management, to creating content, to understanding our own roles - every day continues to be a learning process.

That’s why we’ve sat down and discussed what we as a company and as individuals have learnt since joining the team.

Organisation, structure, and process

Organisation is key when it comes to managing both a company and a team. Our Managing Director, Rupert, says that this has been one of the key things he has learnt whilst at Perspective Pictures. ‘I am personally pretty disorganised and always have been, so the biggest area for improvement for me has been learning to properly manage my time and working in a more constructive way.’

Similarly, Charlie, our Development Specialist highlights the importance of structure. Structure obviously helps with streamlining workflow, and helps in making sure that work doesn’t pile up. Since joining Perspective Pictures, Charlie has ‘become a more structured person and started to manage (my) work based on that structure.’

The importance of process ties in well with these lessons. Tom Lee details the importance of process really well, he says that ‘since starting at Perspective Pictures I’ve begun to understand the importance of process.’ Tom goes onto say that having these processes in place, not only helps the efficiency and accuracy of the work projects, but also maximises the impact of creative workflow sessions.

The beauty of teamwork

One really important lesson that we have learnt is the power of teamwork. We often work with tight deadlines and our clients need a fast turnaround. Our strong structure and use of process is key to ensuring our clients' needs are always met, and that the end product is of high standard.

Oli, the Head of Production, articulates this strategy well. ‘Perspective Pictures has taught me the beauty and power of teamwork. When every part of the Perspective machine, from pre-production through to post-production is working efficiently and to the best of their abilities, there is no project or challenge too great, and the content we create is still something to marvel at.’

Knowing when to delegate, and who to delegate to, is a really important skill that our senior team has learned since Perspective Pictures began. The ‘importance of defined roles and responsibilities within the business to allow me to effectively allocate the right resources to complete a project or task,’ was highlighted by Jay, our Head of Operations.

Our skills have improved

There are no limits at Perspective Pictures. We want our team to learn new skills if they are interested in doing so. In fact, we pride ourselves in being a team where people can learn, grow, and use their skills every day.

For example, Ben, our Sound Specialist has learnt how to become a camera operator as well as a Sound Specialist since joining the team at Perspective Pictures. Similarly, Hannah says she has learnt a number of skills, including Adobe After Effects, Premier Pro, and is now ‘confident enough to use RED without worrying about breaking it!’ Likewise, Linden can list a number of ways he has developed new skills, such as ‘understanding how to tackle briefs and how to create content that is consistent for clients.’ He has also learned new editing techniques, purely from watching his colleagues, and learning from them on different projects.

But one thing that we have learnt that is so important for us is said by Tiru, and that is ‘success is a trajectory, and not a destination.’ What we mean by this is that our success isn’t determined by one figure, and we aren’t chasing some impossible number. Instead, we are trying to create incredible content for equally incredible brands. Growing this business is without a doubt a journey, a learning process, and we try and learn every single day.

We at Perspective Pictures are always looking for the best, creative, young talent. If you are interested in pursuing your video production career further, drop a line to careers@perspectivepicturesfilms.com and subscribe to our blog for more interesting insights into the film and video industry.


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