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Give your audience what they want with dynamic how-to video production services

Gone are the days of reading instruction manuals because it’s all about how-to videos. Whether learning a new hairstyle, setting up a tech product or learning a new skill, these videos give people an in-depth learning experience.

Better still, they’re interactive and easily digestible, making them ideal for people who struggle to follow generic instruction manuals. For many consumers, it’s also good to know that a specialist can guide them throughout the process.

How-to videos are ideal if you’re looking for ways to connect with a broader audience because they ensure you’re the go-to place for people to learn and find information. This, in turn, results in a long-term engagement and consumer loyalty, which any brand needs to survive now.

Move your brand forward with how-to videos

The chances are, you’ve probably asked the internet how you can do something. It’s so easy to access information now; no matter how niche or weird the query is, something will always come up.

How-to videos are compelling because they show an audience a step-by-step guide on how to do something, which is much more engaging than following a leaflet. Explainer videos are informative by nature, and if you can solve a person’s problems, they’ll always come back to you in the future.

However, with so many brands understanding the benefit of how-to videos, boring content won’t cut it. For your videos to succeed, you must ensure you captivate your audience and go above and beyond to deliver the best experience.

This is where Perspective Pictures comes in.

Our dynamic team of video producers are experts in creating engaging and informative videos that align with your brand identity and goals.

So, if you want to become to go-to place for information, or you have a product that competes in a crowded market, we can help you stand out from the ground and generate more loyalty from your audience.

Benefits of how-to videos


Most businesses operate in a crowded market, so the competition is fierce. When you can attract and engage your viewers, you’re actively nurturing them and turning them into loyal customers.

Increase awareness

Many people share interesting how-to videos on their social media accounts, which means you can attract more customers without going out and finding them.

Boost conversions

When you create a how-to video, you open your brand up to an audience and ensure people pay attention. These videos help demonstrate why your products are so helpful, which can lead to more sales and repeat customers.


How-to videos can be beneficial for people with disabilities and they can watch the content at their own pace. Also, people can come back to a particular section of the video if they need more help.

Great reach

As they’re in live-action or animated format, your audience can view the video on any mobile device, no matter where they are. 

Return on investment

One video can generate a significant return on investment and encourage your customer base to grow. Getting your video right can result in more opportunities to expand your business, and you can stand against larger competitors.

How we can help you with the how-to video production process

As a full-service production house, we specialise in working with our clients through all stages of the production process. How-to videos might seem easier to produce than other forms of visual content, but explaining a particular product or topic and making the content fun, isn’t a simple process.

Many of our clients choose us because they know we can go the extra mile and work with them to meet their goals.

Pre-production phase

During the pre-production phase, we’ll get to know your brand, what makes you unique and learn how you want to connect with your audience. For example, an accountancy firm showing people how to file taxes would take a different approach to a hair and beauty company aimed at teenagers.

Once we understand who you are and what the video represents, it’s time to think about how you want to position your content and define the metrics to measure its success.

The purpose of your how-to video

All how-to videos should answer three questions:

  • Why use your product/service?

  • Can you solve your audience’s problems?

  • Will your video make a viewer’s life easier?

You should also think about the main goals of the video. Some brands might have one defining goal, while others might use numerous goals to ensure they have something to build upon and connect with their audience.

However, regardless of your goals, your how-to video should always achieve the following objectives:

Make your audience understand

If people don’t understand your product or its value, they won’t purchase it. How-to videos are an excellent way to ensure your audience gets to see how your brand can help them.

Nurture casual viewers into loyal customers

While how-to videos aren’t known for increasing brand awareness, they act as the perfect bridge between educating people on your products and services.

Achieve long-term brand growth

Once you move a potential customer from the consideration phase to the buying stage, you can look forward to long-term brand loyalty and growth. When explainer videos enhance email campaigns and product pages, the result is long-term brand growth.

The production phase

In the production phase, we take the load off your shoulders, and you can sit back and relax. We like our clients to be as involved as they want and continually work to your specifications at all times.

How-to videos are ideal because they ensure you can connect with your audience while offering a relatively simple format. Instead of worrying too much about the visual elements of the content, it’s important to provide helpful and informative content that leaves your viewers with a sense of accomplishment.

All how-to videos should:

  • Be concise and to the point. Around 90 seconds seems to be the optimum time, but complicated products/services should focus more on offering clear explanations and instructions.

  • Work hard to increase the time people spend on your page and contribute to your overall marketing strategy.

Bring your brands personality to life

The production phase is the perfect time to ensure every video element showcases your brand and stays in line with the overall identity. We work with the crew and cast members to bring out the best in their performances and keep them on script – and point.

We don’t go in for all that sales pitch stuff because it’s not the best way to encourage and engage your audience. When the video works, that’s all the sales techniques you’ll need because consumers respond to non-direct marketing.

Post-production phase

Post-production is often the most overlooked phase of filming, but it’s also essential. During this phase, we put all of your content together, ensuring every single element of the video serves a distinct purpose.

If you’d like to join us in the editing suite, you’re more than welcome to sit with our friendly team and make the video truly yours.

While we try to make the process as quick as possible, how much video editing time you require depends on how much work we need to do.

Video distribution

Once you’re happy with the final video, you can focus on distributing your content. During this stage, our video team will optimise your content and ensure your audience has the opportunity to find it.

Best practices when making a how-to video

Brand personality

Understanding your brand’s personality is crucial for the planning stage of your how-to video to set the right tone. A serious corporate brand will need a different approach than fun and young companies. 

Understanding your audience and competitors is essential to securing more leads and giving your brand a platform. 


Every how-to video must be easy to digest, and knowing your audience gives you a better chance of securing their loyalty. For example, a gaming brand can use industry language as the viewers will understand the video. 

However, general brands should keep their language simple and digestible. 


Some brands prefer to keep their video content down to earth and use a staff member, while others might opt for an actor or presenter. You can also choose industry influencers, which can be particularly beneficial for B2C companies. 

Keep it simple

Nobody wants to sit and watch a 20-minute how-to video because, at some point, they’ll lose interest. The key to your success is keeping the content simple and ensuring it’s relatable. 

Why choose Perspective?

Perspective Pictures is a dynamic video production company that puts the digital experience above everything else. Our diverse range of clients all have one thing in common; they have a specific goal in place.

Whether that’s to achieve more awareness, boost sales or expand your business, working with a forward-thinking company is essential. We don’t believe in the old-school way of direct selling and telling magical stories; instead, we create salt-of-the-earth content unique to your brand.

Digital-first, always

In today’s competitive world, digital-first is essential. Platforms like YouTube are central to your success, and a successful video must align with your audience’s wants and needs.

We’re always digital-first and will continue to be. Do we have decades of experience? No. But we bring a fresh-faced approach to video production and know-how to create videos that cut through the noise.

We’re socially inclined

A beautiful and engaging video is no longer enough to get in front of your audience because you need to find them before a competitor does. Our content is optimised with SEO, so your video finds the right audience.

Our team comes from all backgrounds

We started our company in a back garden shed, and since then, we’ve become a talented team of professionals from all backgrounds. Our commitment to creating immersive content turned into a company, and we completely get that original videos that work to achieve particular metrics result in success for your brand.

Are you ready to create an epic how-to video?

Each team member brings something to the table, and our collaborative approach ensures that you get the best possible service at all times. We can also work to tight timelines and have been known to deliver a full video in just 48 hours.

If you want to ensure your content engages an audience while achieving your goals, we have you covered. Video production takes time and money, but with us on your side, your explainer video will be the best investment you ever make.

Our creative experience ensures you get support for the entire process, including pre-production, video strategy, the production phase, the post-production process and the editing process.

We use the best editing software, and you’re welcome to sit with us for some editing time afterwards. So, if you’d like some help with your video project, please arrange a zero-obligation consultation with our team today.

Not sure if we’re the right video pathway? Shoot us an email and we’ll discuss it together. 

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